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Five lifestyle habits damaging your health

New Delhi, Aug 10: In our modern life, we have certainly habits that we think are alright to follow but in reality, could be slowly eroding away at our health and immune systems.

Neha Mittal, the co-founder of healthcare device company OneAbove, shares 5 habits as dangerous as smoking:

Compromising sleep: Have you noticed how cranky and irritated you become the next day if you do not sleep properly? It is one of the side effects of ignoring quality sleep. As per health professionals, we must take at least 6 hours of sleep each day to make sure our body is rejuvenating at its natural speed. Any compromise in the sleep hours affects your immune system, respiratory and digestive system negatively.

Eating high animal-protein meals: Excessive consumption of meals rich in animal proteins such as cheese and meat can promote cancer growth due to a hormone named IGF1. The risk factor for this is equivalent to smoking. To avoid overconsumption of such proteins, do include plant proteins, like beans, in your meals.

Long hours sitting: Sticking to your chair for the whole day when you go to the office is as dangerous as smoking. Studies have linked sitting for long hours, whether it is for work or driving, to various cancers like lung, breast, and colon. Be sure to move around a little every one or two hours and then continue your work.

Being lonely: While in normal life, we may not view being lonely as an important issue, it certainly is. Being lonely makes one more prone to heart diseases. Not just that, it invites additional diseases such as anxiety, emotional disturbances, and even harmful addictions. Try to make some good friends who listen to you even when you are low.

Tanning in a controlled environment: Many people have started tanning in a controlled environment rather than taking in sunlight. Sunlight can indeed cause skin cancer, but tanning indoors is harmful too. Stop going to the local tanning salon and start taking adequate sunlight.

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