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Wedding Trends 2021-2022

New Delhi, Dec 5: Dr Meher Bharucha Sarid, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Wedding Art shares wedding trends for your happily ever after:

Look West

Florals are going western in look and feel, with families opting for clean, elegant lines and pastel-hued elegance over than bright, ethnic profusion.

Glance Upwards

Decor is moving from floor and eye level decor to dramatic ceiling detailing. Lots of hanging installations and dressy ceiling lighting elements are in vogue.

Look up

Say Cheese

Photo booths have become a fixture at every wedding event/ function instead of being a prop at Mehendi’s. Instagram has a large role to play in making this happen.

Twin Souls

Couple hashtags have to be an integral part of the wedding invitations, so guests can add the hashtag when they post pictures of the fun and excitement at a wedding they attend. Social media is buzzing with families and friends seeking suggestions for that perfect hashtag.

LED the way

Having an LED with the couple hashtag is a must-do. This LED also makes for great photo ops. The larger use of LED Panel based decor is also gaining swift popularity and is not just restricted to the entertainment performance backdrop. They now create ambience in a tent at a click of a button, transporting you to any exotic locale, be it Florence, Lake Como or Venice. The immersive ambience is making headway onto the walls of banquet spaces and specialised designers get hired from Russia and UK to stylise personal stories too. The narrative is on the walls for everyone to view.


Go wild

A Rainforest theme with some chandeliers thrown in for classy elegance and twinkling brightness is gaining ground with the young and the restless.


The Mehendi event which used to be a myriad of colours and has become kitschier. Furniture gets hand-painted and ceilings go pastel.

Minute details

The Molecular bar seems to be replacing the standard bar with spirits and cocktails.

On the wagon

The Baraat sees a change from the long procession to a DJ on wheels. Some baraatis also have add LED lighting.

Back to the roots

The use of brass urns and traditional artefacts see a comeback during wedding pheras, as families turn to the comfort of familiarity.

Gladdens the heart

The lesser spoken of Gladioli flower comes as a breath of fresh air as it gets used in classical Indian thematic decor. We see several florists using long-stemmed pristine white Gladiola flowers, in tall vases coupled with tall crystal candle stands, silver votives, placed on rich jewel-coloured fabrics like silk or brocade or just on a bed of chrysanthemum petals.

Budding beauty

The Jaimala designs have seen a gradual shift from red to pink with Anushka’s wedding a few years ago. Since then this garland has seen several variations and has completely moved from being a red rose petalled creation to one of the white pearls to a baby breath garland with a full rosebud string avatar. Of course, many brides are picking paler shades for their wedding outfits as well.

Go for gold

Pink or Blush has been a dominant hot favourite at upcoming combined with a gold colour palette.

Go for gold

True blue

Blue Pottery has become an integral part of nearly every wedding. Its similarity to Moroccan style or to the famous Delft blue pottery from the Netherlands and some parts of England, probably makes it a status statement of sorts. The story is that the world-famous Delft blue pottery has been produced in the city of Delft since the 17th century. Between 1600 and 1800, it was popular among rich families who would show off their Delft Blue collections to one another.

Sparkling white

The White Party has replaced the Black tie events of yore. White is definitely beautiful and every after-party has some white magic, coupled with illusion packed decor.

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