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2022 sustainability trends in hospitality

New Delhi, Dec 31: As the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the hospitality industry, how we dine and travel in 2022 will change, as innovative and sustainable options take centre stage. As more guests book through responsible travel operators and establishments concerned with protecting the planet, sustainability in the hospitality industry is a top priority.

Richard Morris, Global Business Director, Carpets Inter

Reduce the usage of plastic products

Reduce your use of plastic if you want to go green, as its environmental effects are well known. Every day, over eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean. Hotels have begun to use carpets made from recycled plastics. A non-toxic carpet made entirely of recycled PET plastic bottles is a prime example of this.

Eradicate the food wastage

Food waste is unavoidable when you are in the business of feeding guests. However, hotel managers can take steps to reduce waste. The first and most important step is to conduct a waste audit to determine where you can make the greatest impact. Involve every hotel department in determining where the majority of the waste comes from and determining the best ways to reduce that amount.

Keep a check on the allergen-free hotel features

Sustainability promotes a healthier environment both inside and outside the hotel property. Consider the aspect of green hospitality by considering what causes allergies in your hotel. Indoor plants could also be switched from flowers that may have allergy-triggering scents to sustainable plants that require infrequent routine watering and lack any features that irritate seasonal allergies.

After almost two years of Covid-19 restrictions, holistic hospitality that focuses on health and well-being will be more important than digitised guest experiences, personalisation, and virtual and augmented reality as developing trends for 2022.

(Inputs shared by Richard Morris, Global Business Director, Carpets Inter)

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