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Two new bus terminuses in Chennai to be solar power generators

Chennai, Jan 3: Two under-construction bus terminuses – at Kilambakkam and Kuthambakkam – in Chennai will be solar power hubs generating renewable energy, according to Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) officials.

These bus terminuses will be the first public buildings in Chennai to be using renewable energy resources. The solar power generated from these terminuses will also be used to charge e-vehicles, sources said.

The two bus terminuses will be completed by the end of 2022 and the terminus at Kilakkambakam will be able to generate 19,200 units of electricity on a daily basis. This sprawling 60-acre bus terminus will cater to buses servicing the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

The Kuthambakkam terminus will generate 10,400 units of electricity daily and there are plans to set up recharge stations for e-buses and e-cars to use the excess electricity they produce.

Sources in the CMDA told IANS that if the entire renewable energy is used for charging vehicles, 40 buses or 800 cars can be recharged at Kilambakkam.

The CMDA is also entering into an arrangement with the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company Ltd (Tangedco) to share the solar power generated. According to technical experts with the CMDA, the solar power generated will not be stored in batteries as it would lead to a 20 per cent wastage.

The solar power generated will be transferred to the Tangedco grid to be supplied in the neighbouring areas and the Tangedco will provide power for 19 hours a day and during rains when solar power could not be tapped.

Sources in the CDMA told IANS that the bus terminuses at Kilambakkam and Kuthambakkam will be the first to approach net zero for carbon emissions, in government buildings of Chennai.

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