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Ancient India is marking its entry into the NFT world

New Delhi, Jan 10: Ancient Artworks of India will now be available for ownership through data-driven government advisory firm Sapio Analytics. The AI based government support organisation is joining hands with WazirX NFT marketplace as they drop an exclusive digital artwork on India’s trusted NFT marketplace. The platform has introduced multiple use-cases in just a matter of 6 months, the NFT drop by Sapio Analytics being the latest one.

This collaboration will feature some of the greatest artworks ever created by humankind from the ancient times of India. These works have been photographed and digitally restored by legends such as Benoy K Behl, and selected items are now on offer through NFT. The drop is on 7th January.

The introductory NFT is an artwork from 5th century CE, that shows the meaning of divinity with the power to elevate the consciousness of those who engage with the art. The artwork belongs to Pitalkhora Buddhist Caves and was photographed by world-renowned filmmaker and art historian Benoy K Behl in 1992. It has been painstakingly digitally restored by him to get it ready in a format that can show its original powers.

Commenting on the drop, Vishakha Singh, VP, WazirX NFT Marketplace said: “We are delighted that Sapio has decided to evidence this historical artwork on the blockchain. What makes this drop additionally special is the fact that a firm that works so closely with the government is now recognizing the potential NFTs hold and how blockchain can be used as a source of communication and connection with the new generation.”

“The first artwork being launched on WazirX NFT platform is one of the greatest creations by humans ever. We are still offering it at a nominal price to its bidders because we believe that this launch shall initiate a revolution in the world of art, creating a new market for Indian artists who focus on the power of emotions in their artworks, as represented by these ancient works,” says Manav Kumar (Tech Research Analyst of Sapio Analytics).

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