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Did you know a good handwriting enhances creativity?

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, Jan 19 : Time and time again, we have hopped onto technology thinking it’s the best possible invention for communication. Despite the advantages that technology brings, writing remains at the forefront when it comes to ideation and communication. The creative stimulation that results when putting pen to paper has specifically gained traction during the lockdown days after the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic.

People were looking for expression avenues away from technology and screens turning to creative activities to remain inspired. Writing, a form of expression provided individuals with a platform to process emotional stress and effectively manage their feelings during testing times.

As we kick off 2022, and in celebration of National Handwriting Day, Eirini Petratou, Senior User Research Manager at BIC, sheds light on the benefits of handwriting and the underrated magic that it holds.

Handwriting boosts cognitive processes

As opposed to taking notes on a gadget, using pen and paper helps better activate cognitive processes. It improves the capacity to retain knowledge, recall facts and concepts, and provide a more in-depth comprehension of the subject at hand. Cursive writing specifically proved to boost brain development in the domains of thinking, language and reasoning. According to a New York Times study, cursive writing also promotes brain synchronisation between the left and right hemispheres.

Handwriting develops brain health

Handwriting, like meditation, boosts cerebral activity in certain areas of the brain. According to research conducted at Indiana University, the act of writing by hand stimulates creativity that is not easily accessible in any other manner. High-tech magnetic resonance imaging proved that low-tech handwriting enhances neuronal activity in some areas of the brain.

Writing enhances creativity and thought processes

Writing helps get our creative juices flowing and supports organising thought processes. In one of his articles, renowned author Patrick McClean stated that using pen and paper help avoid the distractions that result from digital platforms. When typing, individuals tend to focus on editing content as they develop it — which is counterproductive to the creative process. On the other hand, using pen and paper allows people to jot down their creative ideas, fully gather their thoughts and edit later.

Handwriting boosts happiness

According to a health encyclopedia by Rochester University, journaling helps improve the mood, as writing down thoughts, ideas and emotions on paper gives people a platform to better express themselves and understand their emotions. It allows enough time for people to identify and understand their feelings. Writing helps articulate thoughts that lead people to feel uninspired or demotivated. The process of jotting down emotions on paper has proven to be therapeutic and helps enhance feelings of happiness as well as reduce stress.

Mark this special day and jump on the handwriting bandwagon. Grab a pen and paper and kick off your year with positive and valuable habits.

(National Handwriting Day is celebrated annually on January 23)

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