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Glass, a sustainable alternative in the kitchen! Here’s why!

New Delhi, Feb 25 : Environmental issues surrounding the use of plastics continue to gain momentum as plastic pollution continues to devastate and impact our land, waterways and oceans. Seeking alternatives for environmentally kinder and sustainable options, can positively impact both the environment and also our health and well-being.

Glass offers an alternative. Over time, usage and demand for glass are increasing in the kitchen as health and overall wellbeing takes centre stage. We list five compelling reasons why glass works extremely well in the kitchen and outdoors.

100% recyclable: Glassware in the kitchen can be used repeatedly for years. It is made of natural substances and is recyclable – keeping it out of the landfills. The purity, quality and durability of glass don’t depreciate with use making it a strong contender for storing, packing and prepping foods. Even if the glass is broken it can be recycled.

Multi-Usage: All of us have hand me down glass jars and containers from our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen. Why? Firstly, nostalgia and secondly, they hold up so much better in the longer run. Glass is a one-stop solution to storing dry bulk items, spices, leftovers, milk, fermenting good old kaanji and kombucha, preserving jams & pickles, mixing bowls, quick meals on the go, freezing foods etc., – its duality is astounding.

Safety without compromise on freshness & nutrition: Have you ever warmed up food in a plastic storage container and then felt the food tasted, well, like plastic? We’ve been there too. Thanks to glass – our knight in shining armour (literally) to save the day! Glass made up of ‘A’ grade soda-lime glass has a smooth, non-reactive surface that can be easily sterilised and ensures that there is no transfer of toxins, especially when heated. It also does not absorb any smell and flavours. So, food stored in glass remains safe and fresh longer with nutrition intact.

Calming aesthetics: For a neat freak, glass jars and containers are a real saving grace! Glass when placed in the kitchen, instantly elevates the space to a zen zone – tidy, eye-pleasing with everything see-through and organised.

Fun DIY experiments: Outside the kitchen, get creative! Turn your glass jars & containers into a perfect decorative item around the house. Pop in your favourite flowers and create serene corners around the house, grow herbs or propagate plants in the glass jars and place them on a work desk, kitchen countertops, powder room to instantly brighten up the room.

Upcycle all the glass jars and containers lying around the house and kitchen and turn them into fun DIYs projects. Take up a new hobby and get down to making homemade sugar scrubs or soothing sleep balms which can be stored perfectly in preserve jars available on thinKitchen. Turn your water dispenser glass jars into on-trend terrariums which make for great gifts and are perfect for bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home. With a bit of creativity, glass containers can be transformed into festival inspired decor pieces such as pumpkin-like treat jars ideal for storing sweets for trick or treaters during Halloween, and hand-decorated snow globes during the Christmas season.

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