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7 Healthy Snacks For Your Next Road Trip

New Delhi, Aug 29: Road trips are a relieving getaway from the daily structured routines we often find ourselves engulfed in, an escape to find new paths in our lives as we slowly cruise down the highway and let the heart wander to find its peace and happiness.

Road trips are happy and can get happier and more enjoyable when we keep our energy levels high and in their healthiest lane.

We all get those drive munchies, the urge to munch on something as our happy bodies drop their energies, craving for the bite of a delicious snack and getting our energies cruising again. It is important to note that eating junk or processed food should be strictly avoided as it can make you sick during your journey.

Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Co-Founder of The Rooted Co shares a list of seven healthy and energy-filled snacks you’d be fighting for right after the fight to shotgun the passenger seat.

1. Muesli Bars: Snacks made of muesli get your healthy gears up and give you energy for all your fun rides. A Muesli bar is quick to make and delicious to taste. Early morning trip and fancy a healthy snack? Then Muesli with fibre-rich nutrition will warm your heart with happiness and prepare you for the fun trip ahead; just a little prep and you have the bars ready to go.

2. Peanut Butter Granola: Filled with fibre-rich rolled oats, protein-packed peanut butter, crunchy roasted peanuts & black raisins, peanut butter granola is rich in essential minerals. It adds a dazzle of deliciousness and health to one’s heart. Granola is a must-have snack for a road trip you wish to enjoy to the fullest. A healthy tummy makes a happy heart, and a happy heart knows how to enjoy life’s journey through all the trips it makes.

3. Protein Bars: Our next healthy snack on the list are protein bars rich in fibres and protein from nuts, oats, multi-grains, and dry fruits. Protein bars are energy bars that provide an instant energy boost during the tiring leg of road trips. Just grab your favourite protein bar recipe and start making a protein bar of your choice.

4. Mixed Dry Fruit: Add a little masala, use them for garnishing or have them as they are! When mixed, a combination of dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, dried dates, dried figs, walnuts, pistachios, etc., become an Indian snack that everyone has always loved to munch on during trips of all kinds. With different flavours hitting the taste buds, this snack gets better every time you eat it. Dry fruits are packed with rich fibres, protein, and vitamins. They help lift your immunity and maintain a healthy heart.

5. Granola Cookies: Cookies for those who love texture, crackles, and a taste that lifts your mood, a layer of texture on the outside covers the wholesome health benefits of granola baked on the inside, these cookies made out of healthy granola will keep you energised and the drift the junk cravings away.

6. Hummus and carrot are excellent protein-packed, fibre-rich and nutritional value snacks that will help keep your belly full and happy. One of the reasons to suggest this as a road trip snack is that you often want to eat something simply because you’re bored on the road. In addition, hummus is full of B vitamins which may increase energy and reduce fatigue as your body is already running on low energy since all you’ve been doing is sitting in the same spot for hours. And carrots are the perfect dipping stick that will keep you busy without making a mess; your body will love this hummus-carrot combo.

7. Lotus seeds, popularly called Makhana, can be an ideal option for road trips. These fluffy and delectable small bits are gluten-free; the best part is that they’re super tasty. You can easily pack roasted and spiced makhanas for your road trip. Lotus seeds are a highly nutritious snack packed with essential components, including proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Makhana is an ideal addition to the diet to boost mental and physical wellness.

A road trip doesn’t end anywhere; it stays with you as a memory of joy and happiness. Filled with fun, laughter, adventure, stories, and, to top it all off, are healthy snacks filled with love to share and cherish forever. No one said it, but healthy snacks make a happy road trip happier.

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