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Paytm revenue grows by 76% to ₹1,914 cr in Q2FY23, EBITDA before ESOP improves


Ahmedabad, Nov 7: Paytm, India’s leading digital payments and financial services company and the pioneer of mobile and QR payments in India, today announced its Q2FY23 financial results, where it posted a 76% year-on-year (YoY) growth in revenue to Rs 1,914 crore and Rs 259 crore YoY improvement in EBITDA before ESOP. Paytm reiterated that it’s on track to achieve EBITDA before ESOP cost profitability by quarter ending September 2023. On a quarterly basis, the company’s net losses have reduced by 11%, while contribution profit stands at Rs 843 Cr.

Paytm’s net payments margin (calculated as payments revenues plus other operating revenues, less payment processing cost) stood at Rs 443 Cr, up 428% YoY. The company’s lending vertical revenue from the financial services business was Rs 349 crore, up 293% YoY.

Paytm disbursed 9.2 million loans, up 224% YoY, amounting to Rs 7,313 crore, marking an increase of 482% YoY. Its commerce and cloud services reported a revenue of ₹377 crore — a 55% YoY growth.




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