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Markets in Delhi-NCR faced with butter shortage

New Delhi, Dec 4 : Don’t be surprised if you are not finding butter of popular dairy brands in the markets of Delhi-NCR. There is actually a shortage of butter – a major dairy product – in the markets for the past few days.

Industry sources claimed that the supply of butter has been disrupted in many parts of the country due to fall in milk supply, coupled with rise in demand.

Outbreak of lumpy skin disease in cattle heads in many states, including Gujarat and Rajasthan, is one of the major reasons. Besides, many farmers have shut their dairy business due to loss of cattle deads and rise in fodder prices.

The sources said that milk production has recorded decline, leading to short supply of some dairy products, including butter and ghee.

A Noida-based distributor said that he is receiving nearly half the quantity of butter since the past couple of weeks.

“In place of 900-1,000 boxes, we are receiving around 500 boxes of butter per week. The companies are saying that supply will be restored soon,” he said.

Commenting on the situation, a Mother Dairy spokesperson said, “The festive season witnessed an outgrowing consumption of milk and milk products. As the case for most of the categories, butter too saw a surge in demand from both the consumers and the institutional segments, leading to a temporary shortage in the market. Though we have exceeded our own estimates, production has been ramped up and the supplies shall be normalised soon.”

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