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‘BB 16’: Salman grills Sajid over being the self-proclaimed father figure

'Bigg Boss 16': Sajid Khan becomes new captain of house.

Mumbia, Dec 10: The Friday episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ will start with a dose of Salman Khan’s reality check as he questions Tina Datta and Sajid Khan on their behaviour in the house. The superstar will also introduce the second wildcard contestant of this season.

Despite being told multiple times by the host and Bigg Boss himself about not discussing anything going on outside the house, the housemates are breaking the rules every now and then. Tina broke the rule this week as she kept on talking about her friends, Zuzu, Dolly, and Ram constantly.

She even used Zuzu’s name to threaten fellow housemate Archana. Salman reprimanded Tina for referring to friends and not dealing with the house issues herself, he asked her to come to the confession room to talk about her issues.

Salman and Tina spoke in detail about the latter’s difficulties in the house and he tried to explain that playing alone and being strong is what makes a winner.

Salman also questioned the behaviour of Sajid.

The host was seemingly angry with Sajid and called him out on his role as the self-proclaimed father figure to the housemates and on his repeated use of English language.

The host then went on to introduce the second wildcard contestant of this season, popular television actor Vikkas Manaktala.

When asked about his take on no wildcard winning a season in the history of ‘Bigg Boss’, he promptly replied: ‘Never say never’.

Once Vikas entered the house, Salman made housemates play a game of ‘Angaar or Bhangaar’ with Sreejita and Vikas. The host asks the housemates to categorise Sreejita and Vikas as either ‘Angaar’ or ‘Bhangaar’, based on first impression.

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