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Pathbreaking, family Gujarati movie “Karm” to release on Feb 10 in theatres


Ahmedabad, Jan 22:  Subbu Iyer, Chinmay Purohit and, Niraj Naik trio’s written, directed and produced Gujarati film “Karm” is going to create waves for long in Gujarati filming and viewing.

 This and more was claimed by Chinmay Purohit while addressing the media on Saturday in Ahmedabad.

The film cast comprises of Hellaro film’s Brinda Trivedi, Reva film’s Chetan Dhanani, Oxygen film’s Anshul Trivedi among others including Paresh Bhatt, Prashant Barot, Murli Patel, Manin Trivedi, Harsha Bhavsar.

All in the background of  a crime, how relations turn and churn is the story of ‘Karm’ . How the lady of a family handles the different shades of a story which can could is happening in every household daily somewhere in different situations. Woman exactly knows what has happened her sharp mind and kind heart taking actions accordingly. Underestimated woman actually is much stronger than her counterpart in dealing with difficult and challenging situations and is usually not an escapist either.

“Karm” is said to be the story of a family wherein marital relations are tested and that of the family members in the backdrop of some crime.

Shooting of the film was carried out besides Vadodara, in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta.

Earlier, sharing his thoughts Purohit explained that the Gujarati film industry in its infant stage yet but started producing some nice movies. 

“Karm” is going to be released on February 10 from 110 screens across the nation. Prior to the release an extensive promotion has already been launched.




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