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Shun fear, come forward for early cancer screening : Cancer Specialists’ echo at Seminar

MEDISQUARE rendering yeoman service to create awareness and cure the cancer 


Ahmedabad, Feb 4: How an early detection and treatment thereafter can save people’s lives from cancer was discussed at a valuable seminar organised in Ahmedabad on Saturday morning.

The Seminar in recognition of World Cancer Day was titled “Raising Awareness Changing Lives”. Ahmedabad’s famous MEDISQUARE Super Specialty Hospital & research centre and the respected NGO ‘Sadvichar Parivar’ jointly organised this meaningful gathering which witnessed over 100 cancer patients. Some of the cancer patients who had been out of the disease were also present at the venue.

On this occasion a galaxy of experts shared their views in simple language and clarity of subject.  Prominent Oncologist Dr Ekta Vala Chandarana (DM) of Medisquare pointed out that “early screening of Cancer is key to the treatment and people should come forward for it with out any apprehensions. Times have changed there is lot that is happening to cure the disease and more and more opportunities and medications are present to tackle the disease.”

Further, Dr Chandarana stated that “during the treatment and after the treatment the patient passes through enormous physical and emotional suffering. It is the duty of the family members and the society to take care of such people which helps these ‘warriors’ to live with the disease and get treatment continued and come out of it”.

“International theme for the year is “close the care gap” which is being propagated and practised by the doctors worldwide to check and control the discriminatory and discretionary attitude towards cancer patients of different strata of the society” Dr Chandarana observed. 

Dr. Parth Vaishnav, leading psychiatrist elaborated his thoughts on how to handle cancer patients empathetically as a society. He said “Cancer is a situation when your own body’s cells stop co-operating and go against their role”. He insisted that there is need to increase the survival instinct, positivity and empathy towards all such patients in the society. If the patient’s brain is working finely he/she can fight against the cancer during the treatment and the warrior sails through the difficulties in a much better way”.

GTPL Channel media head Devang Bhatt also spoke as guest speaker and highlighted the complexities of the disease and how empathy by doctors and proper treatment can change the life of a cancer patient. He announced to initiate a 13 episode TV programme on his channel surrounding the stories of patients, who are struggling as ‘warriors’ and the awareness and treatment drives taken up by the experts.

Other dignitaries who remained present at the occasion included Padma Shri Devendra Patel (writer), Padma Shri Dr Pankaj Shah, Dr Mitesh Chandarana (DM-Neurology),Vejalpur legislative assembly member Amit Thakar and Archana Chauhan.


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