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Roadshow and Seminars by Malaysia Tourism to invite Gujarat tourists to Malaysia

Beautiful & Scenic Malaysia is safe and offers Gujarati food, so visit us to experience it: Mohd Amirul Rizal Abdul Rahim


Ahmedabad, Feb 7: Malaysia Tourism authorities invite the people of Gujarat to pay a visit to their country for an experience to believe the exquisite charm and beauty of the country.

A delegation of Malaysian Tourism led by Mohd Amirul Rizal Abdul Rahim, Senior Deputy Director of International Promotion (Asia & Africa) Tourism Malaysia, T Ediwanto T Eddie, Deputy Director Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, and Ganneesh Ramaa Vice President of Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) were present to address a media conference in Ahmedabad on Monday.

The delegation was constituted of 30 organisations comprising of state tourism body, airline, hotel and resort operators, travel agents and product owners. 

Addressing the media Mohd Amirul insisted that this year they were expecting as many as 5, 00,000 tourists from India. He said “our country offers something for everyone, for every age. This Southeastern Asian country Malaysia will spell bound with its natural beauty, landscape, beaches, and adventure sites. We offer Gujarati food too now”.

Mohd Amirul added that “Malaysia has recently launched a new eVISA Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) facility consists of fly & cruise, wedding, medical treatment and business visitors purposes for Indian tourists that comes with a six-month validity, a 30-day length of stay (LOS) and costs only INR1,000.00. The visa can be applied online through”

“Each state offers a unique Malaysian experience for all. Indulge in an awe-inspiring adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy fun times with your family and friends, explore the wilderness and taste the mouth-watering cuisine of Malaysia” explained Amirul.

“The pandemic has been tremendously challenging for us, but ever since the reopening of our international border in April 2022, I am glad to let you know that we have welcomed more than 7 million international tourist arrivals in 2022. Hence, we are optimistic about achieving higher numbers in 2023 where we target to welcome 15.6 million international tourist arrivals with MYR47.6 billion in tourism receipts” he added.

Malaysia organised its 5th and final roadshow in India this year, alongside with the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA). These series of roadshow are scheduled across five cities from 30th January to 7th February 2023. The roadshow started in the city of Chennai, followed by Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and it culminated today at Ahmedabad.

T Ediwanto emphasised that “India has been one of the top sources market for Malaysia and has contributed 735,309 (+22.5%) arrivals and RM3.6 billion (+33.4%) tourism expenditure in 2019. Apart from its objective to ensure Malaysia remains to stand out on top of the minds among Indians, the roadshow aims to provide a platform for the industry community to steer the tourism sector to greater heights”. 

He added, “Tourism Malaysia is ramping up its marketing efforts globally, including raising Malaysia’s profile in the India market. We do hope this market will continue to play the important role in getting this number”.

To a question whether Malaysia offers any special discount for film shooting, T Ediwanto replied that it does. Malaysia offers 30 percent  discount for the producers of film and music videos.”

“MATTA has successfully organised many sales missions to India since 2016. The organised mission had created a good working opportunities among our counterparts and at the same time promotes Malaysia. We believed that with this determination, accompanied by an effective promotional message, will improve the cross-promotional connection and create a stronger awareness of the India travel markets,” Ganneesh Ramaa said.

MATTA embarks on this continuous effort as an ideal venue for showcasing and promoting Malaysia’s new destinations and our multi-racial cultures, which will contribute to boost tourist arrivals from India while creating more business opportunities for the travel agent members.

The Malaysian sellers and Indian buyers participated in the business matching session and networking dinner, apart from seminars focusing on leisure and niche tourism markets such as meeting & incentives groups (MICE), wedding, golfing and family fun activities.

India remains an important market for Malaysia. In terms of connectivity, there are currently 169 flights per week from India to Malaysia via Malaysia Airlines, Batik Air (formerly known as Malindo Air), AirAsia, and IndiGo. 


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