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LD College festival ‘Lakshya- 2023’ to present ‘Envision’ themed interesting programmes

Event details:  Date: 27   – 29 April, 2023
Time: 10 AM to 6 PM
Venue: L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.
By Rafat Quadri
Ahmedabad, April 24 : L.D. College of Engineering, along with Robocon LDCE – a group of students of LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, today announced the program details of Lakshya 2023, a 3-day technical festival hosting variety of events that include several workshops, technical events, non-technical events, literary events and fun events.
On 27th April 2023, Lakshya LDCE will be organizing the main event on the theme of “Envision” where we want to instill young minds with the idea of visualizing beyond the horizon unfurling the wired mentalism accord of synergy amidst Humans and robots in the forthcoming future, an era ushering with infinite discoveries, transfiguring the seeds of paradoxical ideas into blossoming possible solutions, exploring the manipulation of cubits to the creation of neuromorphic chips and humanoidal robots, procuring inconceivable communication through the combinations of cubits, photons and optical fiber communication foraying into a new realm of automation!
Main event will be chaired by Shivam Baria (Deputy Collector), Ruchir Kakkad (CEO WEBOCCULT) and Himanshu Dhadnekar (Co- founder PITCHVILLA.COM, Serial Entrepreneur , Start-up accelerator , Angel investor).
On this occasion, in his message, Dr. R. K. Gajjar, Principal, L.D. College of Engineering said that ” L.D. College of Engineering is one of the pioneer colleges for engineering with a huge legacy dating from 1948. Our Alumni are placed in the top ranked positions in well-reputed companies all over the world. LAKSHYA aims to provide a platform for the student community to sharpen their technical skills by participating in events like workshops, technical, non- technical, literary and fun events. Every year our fest projects a theme to bring about a perspective shift in audience, concerning crucial social, technological or financial scenarios. This year the theme is “Envision” the point of discussion will be ‘Establishing a world of robotic automation, a quantum-level portal, raising productivity and thriving with new job prospects’:.
Inaugural event will be held on April 27, 2023 in the college premises, wherein dignitaries like Shivam Baria (Deputy Collector), Ruchir Kakkad (CEO WEBOCCULT) And Himanshu Dhadnekar (Co-founder PITCHVILLA.COM, Serial Entrepreneur , Start-up accelerator , Angel investor) will be the guest of honour. I wish all the very best to the students of Team Lakshya’23 and I hope that they would be successful in the execution of the fest and in depicting its motto.
How important vision and planning is when it comes to work at the prestigious LD College, Dr. Major Chaitanya Sanghvi the Head of Department Applied Mechanics, L.D. College of Engineering said that “This year, L.D has completed its 75 years of excellence. Students of L.D. College of Engineering has been into each and every sector at very good positions and they are contributing so much to keep the name of college high and evergreen. This student community who organizes National Level Edu-tech Lakshya every year, learns, brainstorms new ideas, enhancing soft skills in the best possible way. I wish all the very best to Team Lakshya’23 and I hope that they would be successful in the execution of the fest”.
Prof. Mitul Makwana is the Associate Prof. and Faculty Co-ordinator, L.D. College of Engineering while describing  Lakshya said “Lakshya is a unique initiative taken up by the Robocon Club LDCE. Lakshya 2023 provides a platform to the students of all the colleges to participate in various technical events, workshops, which will help them strengthen their technical knowledge.:.
Lakshya is an idea which was brought up by the students of Robocon LDCE in the year 2014. Every year a unique theme is created by which Lakshya tries to bring about a constructive change in the society. In 2014 the theme was “Defence Expo” in which guard of honour was given to all the martyrs. In 2015 the theme was “H.R. SUMMIT” wherein HRs of many companies attended the summit and in turn signed MOUs which helped our college students in getting internships and placements. In 2016, an education conclave “SAMVAD-The Education Conclave” was hosted to discuss the education system in the country. A Student Development Forum was set-up to perform the exchange of knowledge and facilities among various colleges of Ahmedabad. Lakshya 2017 brought up the theme “Parivartan – Transforming India”, which focused on the areas concerning Digital India and Skilled India. Lakshya 2018, with the theme “KHWAAB- towards a new era”, focused on future scenario of our country in fields like telecommunication, education infrastructure etc. Lakshya 2019 introduced to people the vivacious side of our nation where India is doing wonders and is way ahead from other countries with the theme of “Noor-e-Swadesh”. Lakshya 2020, with the theme “Saamarthya – redefining the standards of engineering” highlighted the contribution of engineers in improving standard of living of people. Lakshya 2021, with the theme “Perception” which aimed to show the revolutionary changes and evolution in the industries and technologies. Lakshya 2022, with the theme “Anāgata – divulging the unprecedented” instilled the idea that virtual world holds the power though which humankind can bring numerous dreams to reality. I wish this year too, Lakshya turns out to be a grand success with its theme “Envision”.
Khushvi Purohit as Convener, Marketing pointed out that “Lakshya believes in distinctiveness with respect to other college festivals by choosing a theme that needs prime attention of the people in the current stint. The marketing and sponsorship of the fest has been done keeping in mind its theme by associating with education firms and technological based corporates. This year we have Flamingo Educare as our Title sponsor which works for the betterment of the students by training and providing them opportunities in multiple domains. Also for the convenience of our participants we have associated with Rapido as our travel partner which will provide discount for traveling to LDCE in the days of Lakshya’23. Our Technology partners assist us in achieving our vision for the emerging changes in the opportunities for-seeing needs of the future and thriving with new job prospects”.
Meet Parikh and Adarsh Mishra are the Convener, Events. Speaking before the media they observed that “As the name suggests Lakshya, an aim, the target that we, the Team Lakshya has set for the participants in the form of a stage with a variety of events where they can prove their decrypting, circuitry, coding, creativity, preciseness, innovation, strategic and oratory skills. The fest will be an amalgamation of opportunities for overall development of students. We wish the best for all the participants and hope that even if someone doesn’t win in the subsequent levels of competition corresponding to any event, at least they learn something new from there and enjoy the other activities of the fest”.
Abinav K and Devanshi Soni  are the Convener, Campaigning for the festival. Campaigning is one of the strongest pillar making Lakshya, one of the most successful  fest of Gujarat. Last year we successfully conducted the whole fest by receiving about 10,000 participants. Lakshya reaches young
minds across various colleges of Ahmedabad, Palanpur, Mehsana, Bhuj, Vadodara, Rajkot, Anand, Bharuch, Modasa, Patan and even from other states of India to participate, showcase their latent talent and compete with their peers.
                Event Highlights:
•          Technical & Non-Technical Events
•          Robotics Events
•          Literary Events
•          Fun Zone & Live Events to be organized in Lakshya 2023 (27           – 29     April, 2023):
•          Ethical hacking & Cybersecurity
•          Data Science and Machine Learning
•          Game Development
•          Photography Workshop
•          WEB 3.0
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