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IIMA welcomes 60th Class of PGP and 24th Class of FABM students

Announces Additional Scholarships for Deserving and Meritorious Students

Ahmedabad, June 28:The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), a premier global management institute, welcomed students of the 60th class of the Two-Year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) and the 24th batch of the Two-Year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Food and Agribusiness Management (PGP FABM), on campus recently. Together, the class of 2023-2025 comprises a total of 455 high performers who come from diverse backgrounds across the country.

An event was held at the campus where Professor Pradyumana Khokle, Dean (Programmes), welcomed the students to the IIMA. Professor Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIMA; Professor Abhiman Das, Chairperson (PGP); Professor Vineet Virmani, Chairperson (PGP-FABM), Professor MP Ram Mohan, Chairperson (Admissions); Professor Ankur Sinha, Chairperson (Placements); Professor Chinmay Tumbe, Chairperson, Sports and Recreation Activities Committee (SARA) and Girish Rajpurohit, General Secretary (Student Affairs Council) participated in the ceremony and interacted with the students.

Delivering the inaugural address, Professor Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIMA said, “You are embarking on a transformational journey at IIMA, which will provide you with an environment that stimulates learning and lays a strong foundation for your future. When you look at thousands of your alumni leading organisations across the world with their intellect, hard work and dedication, you will in turn set your bar higher. That is also an achievement because by becoming aspirational early on, you are preparing yourself for extraordinary achievements beyond your own expectations. My best wishes to all of you as you commence your journey at IIMA.

Most importantly, I urge you to uphold high standards of ethics and understand the importance of being principled as honesty and integrity are going to be critical when you will be leading organisations or even economies of the world in the future.

I also want to thank our IIMA alumni who helped establish 30 new scholarships through the IIMA Endowment Fund for deserving and meritorious students. We intend to increase the number of these scholarships in the future to help deserving students to join the Institute.”

Sharing his advice with the new students, Professor Abhiman Das, Chairperson, PGP, IIMA, said, “IIMA community is a special community. First and foremost, it is endowed with over 110 world renowned faculty, and almost all of them live on the campus. As your teachers, our priority is to ensure that your learning is rigorous, comprehensive and continuous. Make the most of your IIMA journey and never waver from your purpose of being at IIMA. Be polite, humble, participate in all activities, learn to be team players and reach out to us whenever you need our help. I wish you a fulfilling journey ahead at IIMA.”

Professor Vineet Virmani, Chairperson, PGP-FABM, IIMA, said, “The PGP FABM is one of the oldest long duration management programmes of the institute, and was specifically designed to cater to the needs of India’s agriculture and allied sectors. Over the years, through their achievements, the PGP-FABM alumni have become role models for youngsters all over the country studying food, agricultural and related sciences. We are very excited to welcome the class of 2023-25 of PGP-FABM to IIMA, and hope that this batch will not only exceed our expectations through their academic performance and professional accomplishments but will become idols for the future generations of students.”

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