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AMA organized the talk on “Constitution, Civilization, Judicial Intervention”

 J. Sai Deepak – Counsel, Supreme Court and Delhi High Court delivers an impressive talk


Ahmedabad, July 3: In order to promote awareness among citizens, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) organized an important talk on Saturday.

The topic was  “Constitution, Civilization, Judicial Intervention” by  J. Sai Deepak who is a Counsel at the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court. 

J. Sai Deepak addressed more than 280 participants and said that “we as an independent individual need to be more spoken on our opinions because someone needs to say it on behalf of the unheard. He also stated that “everybody has the right to speak, but they think what they are speaking is the only truth.” He also appreciated the Indian Judicial System by saying that “Indian Judicial System is more patient than US & UK’S judicial systems.”

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