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Global foldable smartphone shipments to cross 100 mn by 2027: Report

New Delhi, July 26 : Global foldable smartphone shipments are expected to cross the 100 million mark by 2027, with Samsung and Apple accounting for the biggest market share, a new report said on Wednesday.

According to Counterpoint Research, global foldable smartphone shipments are projected to reach 101.5 million in 2027 from 78.6 million in 2026.

“At the moment, foldables remain niche. But it is an important segment for brands looking to maintain leadership in innovation and a premium market presence,” said Research Director Tom Kang.

“Samsung and the Chinese OEMs have been very active, especially in their home markets, with China emerging as the biggest market globally last year. If you want to make it in foldables, you have to make it there,” he added.

About 55 per cent of total users expressed their intention to buy a foldable phone as their next device. In addition, about 80 per cent of foldable users said to purchase a foldable phone as their next device, while 52.9 per cent of bar type users also showed their interest to buy a foldable as their next device, according to the report.

“In the long term, we are waiting to see what Apple does. We are looking at 2025 as the possible year of iPhone’s foldable debut, which could provide another growth spurt for the segment,” said Senior Analyst Jene Park.

“When we look at the current consumer response, our latest Global Foldable Smartphone Preference Survey shows a willingness to purchase for the majority of respondents, most notably among current users. This is a good sign and tells us the hype around foldables is legitimate,” he added.

Further, the report mentioned that the regional drivers, especially in China, combined with growing consumer willingness to buy foldables will help keep shipment growth buoyant.

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