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Was really scary to wear the Sakeena uniform yet again, says Ameesha Patel

Mumbai, July 26 :  Actress Ameesha Patel is all set to reprise her role as Sakeena after two decades and she agrees it was scary to wear the uniform yet again.

“Sakeena coming back with Tara Singh after 22 years later, of course it was nervous to be on set. I always worried that I would be able to go into the skin of the character and play her with sincerity and be a replica of the first film of course which people have in their hearts and minds,” Ameesha told the media persons.

She added: “So yes, it was really scary to wear the Sakeena uniform yet again but I think Sakeena lives in my blood she’s a character closest to my heart and Sakeena has embodied everything that she was in the first film in the sense lovable, pure, innocence character but with that she has kept her strength and respect and grown in her maturity for this new chapter of her life.”

Ameesha said that she has tried her level best to blend the old and new Sakeen.

“Like we all grow as years pass so has she and that was a challenge to bring that change keeping in mind the old nuances, body language and the old Sakeena and blend her with the Sakeen would be now. So I have tried my level best to do that,” she added.

Ameesha is jittery as the film’s release date is so close. It’s all set to hit the theatres on August 11.

“Yes, speaking for myself, I am always very jittery before of very release of every film but when you have a sequel to one of India’s biggest hits and expectations riding high it does make you more nervous we have worked hard we have made a sincere film and now we can only hope and pray that the audiences give it as much love as they gave our first Gadar,” she said.

Directed by Anil Sharma, the film also stars Sunny Deol and Utkarsh Sharma.

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