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Disparity in PMJAY dialysis rates irks Gujarat Nephrology Association to go on a three days flash strike

Lakhs of dialysis patients are at risk as about 78% of 1.3 crore dialysis treatments are carried out by private Nephrologists

Nephrologists find Gujarat Government’s sudden guidelines of reduction in dialysis treatment UNFAIR

By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Aug 13:  Announcement of a three days flash strike from Monday by the Gujarat Nephrology Association (GNA) presents a grim picture about the health and safety of lakhs of dialysis patients of Gujarat.

According to GNA, lakhs of patients get treatment of dialysis under PMJAY in private hospitals of Gujarat every year In Gujarat state every year about 1.3 crore dialysis treatments have been done in which 1.02 crore (78 %) dialysis treatment done in private hospitals .The hospitals get Rs.2000 per dialysis since last 8 years from Government of Gujarat.

“Recently the Gujarat Government suddenly reduced the price to Rs.1650 per dialysis. According to Gujarat Government health ministry guidelines, the dialysis centers can use the filter single time, where in other states the filter can use for seven to eight (7 to 8) times. Due to decrease of price in dialysis treatment, it is very difficult for private hospitals to sustain the dialysis treatment” explains Dr Javed Vakil the President of Nephrology Forum Ahmedabad –Gujarat.

Dr Javed Vakil, Dr Apurva Parikh, Dr Jigar Shrimali, Dr Umesh Godhani, Dr Aashay Pandya, Dr Siddharth Mavani  are the prominent nephrologists practising privately in Ahmedabad who were present at the AMA on Saturday to make their voice heard to the government authorities through media interaction.

There is still no clarity from government as to why this sudden announcement of change in guideline was introduced. However, through two of its very busy kidney treatment hospitals situated in Ahmedabad, state government serves thousands of patients of Gujarat, Rajasthan and elsewhere who prefer Gujarat’s kidney treatment services.

GNA members insist that they have represented in vain, their plea to the state health minister Rishikesh Patel for the imparity of dialysis treatment price in Gujarat.

Hence, Dialysis treatment at private hospitals in Gujarat is set to get affected from Monday for three days in Gujarat until and unless there is some concrete announcement and clarity in regards to the PMJAY rates of dialysis treatment guidelines from the state government.

Revised rates for Hemodialysis in PMJAY in Gujarat 

Chronic Hemodialysis Cost per dialysis    Gujarat Dialysis Programme
1 Patient Travel Allowance 300
2 Dialyzer tubing kit 450
3 Part A and B 150
4 Inj. Heparin 25k 80
5 Inj.EPO 4k 150
6 Inj.iron 30
7 Saline+D25+ other 50
8 Lab Investigations 150 150
9 Dialysis Tech salary 200
10 Nursing Staff and other man power 100 100
11 Medical officer 100 100
12 Nephrologist Charges 150
13  electricity 100 100
14 Bio medical waste 30 30
15 Tea & Snacks to patients 20
16 Dialysis machine AMC 30 30
17 Citro and other Disinfection 50
18 Taxes and Premise maintenance 30
19 banners + Computers + Stationery 35
Total Cost 2205 510 ( Paid by GOV)

Revised Dialysis Rates: ( Information supplied by Ahmedabad Nephrology Forum)

We shall keep our readers informed about government stand and the private nephrologists’ next steps, as they unfold.

(Rafat Quadri can be reached at

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