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Jewel tones for the upcoming festive season


SUNDAY Fashion Special

New Delhi, Aug 13: Crafted in Indian silk, it enhances the natural beauty of the timeless textile through various manipulations and textures – crushed, crinkled, and smoothened. Layering is re-interpreted through versatile pieces, ranging from tiered dresses and kurtas to swing shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, kimonos, and kaftans, each representing a modern take on traditional silhouettes and urging the wearer to embrace their style. Printed scarved and sheer organza add-ons complete the collection.

Good Earth launches its new in-house label TITLI – a free-spirited line of contemporary separates with a bold colour palette that celebrates the versatility of silk as a fabric for all seasons.

The vibrant jewel-toned colour palette shines through, spanning fuschias, cobalt blues, emerald greens, yellows, purples, and oranges. A sense of effortless grace emanates throughout the silhouettes of the collection, reiterated through minimal yet thoughtful ornamentation and embroidery.

TITLI is designed to be worn for everyday life and formal occasions. The garments can be rolled up and carried compactly, making them ideal for travel – be it work, holiday or a destination wedding.

True to its name, Tilti is a celebration of playfulness and joy, and will retail from Good Earth Stores in India and online ( from August 4, 2023.

Prices start at: Rs. 7800/-.

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