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coto Communities in Ahmedabad gather to discuss ‘Financial Independence and Body Positivity’ for Women

The event brewed insightful discussions on challenges faced by women at home, the workplace and how to break these preconceived notions set by the society


Ahmedabad, Aug 17: In a step towards promoting gender equality and economic empowerment, coto a social community app for women, today hosted an interactive event for the women of Ahmedabad, empowering them to lead their businesses and aim for financial independence. The event brought together women from diverse backgrounds and raised debates on awareness about mental health, self-sufficiency and women’s entrepreneurial experiences. coto, based on the principles of Web3 is a social community platform designed for women that envisions establishing a trustworthy, transparent, and decentralised world where women hold the power to make a difference.

The event began with a heartwarming welcome song performed by a member of the coto city community, setting a positive and celebratory tone for the event. The evening witnessed thought-provoking discussions led by Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder of coto, Dr Falguni Vasavada Oza, Professor of Marketing at MICA, Jigna Joshi, Director at Jhansi OTT Media, Tanvi Rathod, Mrs Universe 2021, Jayshree Parekh, Director and Partner at EVOLV- women’s networking community and Dipna Kirpalani, Fashion Entrepreneur and Founder of Dipashna. The conversations ranged from financial independence and entrepreneurship to body positivity, pregnancy and how to enter professional space after a career break. The event also featured discussions and learnings as shared by the community members based on their experiences and gave insights through an immersive session aimed at promoting self-acceptance and empowering women to overcome societal biases and stereotypes.

The event was organised by coto city Ambassadors Vaishali Vaishnav and Ankita Patel who run the community Ahmedabad Digital Divas and  Palak Shah who runs Ahmedabadni Benpanio. Purvanjali Agarwal who runs the community Women Rights and Laws on coto.

Sharing her thoughts, Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder, coto said, “At coto, we envision bringing together communities of women around the common objective of self-development, networking and monetization. We want to enable communities of women to thrive on coto so that women can achieve their dreams and goals with the support of other women. By addressing topics like financial freedom and body positivity that are central to coto’s goal of empowering women, we give them the right tools, knowledge and a platform to upskill themselves. Together, women can celebrate their achievements, share knowledge, and inspire one another to reach new heights.”

Discussing the importance of financial freedom among women, Dr Falguni Vasavada Oza, Professor of Marketing at MICA, said, “This meetup has proven to be truly insightful not just for members but also for us on the panel as we realised that there are several concerns relating to life of a woman that goes unnoticed. In a world that is digitally evolving so rapidly, coto has ensured the safety for women to discuss sensitive and taboo topics that they would otherwise not discuss on social media. I strongly believe women should not limit themselves and support each other by fostering sisterhood.”

Speaking about women in the creative industry, Jigna Joshi, Director at Jhansi OTT Media, said, “Discussing entrepreneurship and the role of women in creative domains, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to coto. Just as we explored these topics, coto stands as a unique platform – a women-only community app that fosters creativity and empowers women. Jhansi OTT Media, like coto, is dedicated to providing a space where women’s voices and talents can shine, making it an inspiring platform aligned with our conversations.”

Embracing the journey of ambition beyond marriage, Tanvi Rathod, Mrs Universe 2021, said, “I resonate deeply with coto’s vision. Navigating the path of financial independence and standing firm against digital harassment, I see coto as a safe haven for women. Just as I have pursued my aspirations, coto encourages women to fearlessly follow their dreams, providing a supportive digital space that celebrates their journey, especially those who dare to dream big after marriage.”

Stating her vision on women in entrepreneurship, Dipna Kirpalani, Founder of fashion brand Dipashna, said, “Coming from a creative background, I felt a deep connection to coto’s safe online environment. Our event discussions spanned diverse topics – from financial independence and entrepreneurship to mental well-being, pregnancy, and restarting careers after breaks. coto, like our gathering, offers a secure digital space for women, empowering connections and providing a platform for pursuing dreams.I wish to connect with more like minded people wherein we can continue to support and inspire each other”

Expressing her views, Jayshree Parekh– Director and Partner at EVOLV said, “As a businesswoman, I feel the obligation to support the entry of more women, as I am convinced that together, we can make a significant difference in a variety of areas. Women should be able to pursue their goals, whether it be by following their aspirations or by returning to the workforce after a sabbatical. I wholeheartedly endorse this. I want to get in touch with more like-minded folks so that we may keep encouraging and motivating one another.”

Commenting on the broad theme of the event, Vaishali Vaishnav, Founder of Multitasking Mommies and City Ambassador of Ahmedabad said, “The purpose behind leading a community on coto was to provide a sense of security and belonging among women of Ahmedabad. The idea was to break barriers and help them achieve their individual goals through networking and creating a conducive environment for them to express their concerns. So far, our journey has been nothing short of insightful, knowledge driven, I hope to see more women from the city join the community so that we can grow together.

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