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Indian Muslims for Civil Rights (IMCR) introduces itself at Ahmedabad with a Conference titled ‘Constitutionalism and Secularism is the Road Ahead’ IMCR’s Gujarat chapter organised the conference under the topic “Constitutionalism and Secularism is the Road Ahead”.


Ahmedabad Aug 26: Indian Muslims for Civil Rights (IMCR) a non-political, non-religious organization organised an important conference at Tagore Hall in Ahmedabad today.

IMCR’s Gujarat chapter organised the conference under the topic “Constitutionalism and Secularism is the Road Ahead”.

The IMCR aims at taking up the issues and fight for the civil and constitutional rights of Muslims, other minorities and oppressed groups in the country.

Large numbers of people from minority institutes, individuals, professionals were seen at the Tagore Hall to its maximum capacity.

The Conference was organized to introduce our aim and objectives of the IMCR before the people of Ahmedabad and the media.

Dr Aziz Qureshi, Former Governor UP, Uttarakhand & Mizoram and Dr K Rahman Khan Former Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha and former Union Minister are the patrons of IMCR.

Board of Trustees of IMCR include Mohammed Adeeb (former M.P. Rajya Sabha) as the Chairman & Founder Trustee, Salman Khurshid (former Union Minister) as Founder Trustee, Dr Syeda Saiyidain Hameed (former member, Planning Commission) as Trustee, S Masood Husain (former chairman Central Water Commission) as Secretary and Founder Trustee, Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi (Advocate, Supreme Court) and Dr Azam Baig (former President AMUSU Member 9EC) IMCR as Secretary General.

Prominent Muslim personalities from across India addressed a large gathering. Thrust was on the idea of united India and reviving the ties with each other and safeguards the civil rights of every minority in India.

Speakers of prominence from social, legal, educational, political and administrative backgrounds informed the audience about the IMCR and the role of every individual through their speeches.

Speaking to media Salman Khurshid said “It was felt that the majority must also come forward to speak for the rights and safety of the minority members of the society in the present day scenario where a deep founded hatred towards minorities was being propagated by vested interests. Without majority community’s involvement and guidance minority cannot conduct and achieve any positive result. We are all one and must be united to make our country more strong. It is time to remind everyone that we all fought for the country’s independence and have been marching together.”

Mohammed Adeeb said “It is the Movement and it has started and would unfold programmes and projects in the coming days and months. Idea is to reach out and work together to make India the same country which has been proud and rich due to its diversity and unity among its people for its culture, tradition, beliefs, customs, languages and more.”






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