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Inquisitive Abhijeet Satani turns Neuroscientist & Researcher – unveils his innovation of Cognitively Operated System at Ahmedabad


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Aug 28: A young boy in his teens was travelling with his father. On his way, he saw a handicapped child struggling with his disability. He was moved and pained. It was the time that he decided that he would do something useful for such people and others with the help of brain orders.

He was not exactly aware as to what he will do and how will do but his determination was sincere and efforts were relentless. Lucky was he that he got full support of his family. His father a businessman not only encouraged him but stood like a pillar of strength with him since the boy chose a difficult path. Instead of studying formal education he opted for specialised study and research into his choice of subject.

It is said that in order to become a researcher one needs dedication, hard work and more than a little inspiration. In case of Abhijeet it was a full trio of it!

The curious Pisces Ahmedabadi, Abhijeet Satani, 26 is already the star of innovation and invention of new systems, research and development. Neuroscience is his filed of interest, research and innovation. Abhijeet is the son of Vasant (Mom) and Ramnik (father) Satani.

On August 28th a formal unveiling of Abhijeet Satani invented ground-breaking innovation, the Cognitively Operated System (COS) was conducted in the presence of media and several specialised doctors, academicians and so on at AMA in Ahmedabad.

At a time when India is taking pride of the latest ISRO achievement of Chandrayaan-3: The lander module is soft-landed. The rover is ramped down and started roving – We are enjoying the Presidency of G-20, Abhijeet adds more reason for India to celebrate.

Cognitively Operated System (COS) development by Abhijeet is indeed a significant milestone in the realms of neuroscience, technology, and healthcare. This pioneering system, also known as Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), holds the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and interact with the human brain. Cognitively operated system is a mother patent invention by the young Indian scientist Abhijeet Satani- first launched in India.




Abhijeet Satani’s journey in the field of neuroscience and radiology is certain to facilitate a direct interface between the brain and external devices, enabling the conversion of brain signals into actionable commands. By harnessing the intricate workings of neurons and electric signals within the brain, the COS offers an innovative solution to bridge gaps in human inefficiencies through technology.

Addressing the media and medical professionals Abhijeet said “The COS holds promising implications for both healthcare and education. Its ability to establish a direct line of communication between the brain and computers or gadgets presents unprecedented opportunities for early diagnosis and treatment of neurological illnesses. Through precise measurement and interpretation of brain neural data, the COS offers an objective evaluation of cognitive processes, contributing to improved patient care and potential therapies for conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and so on”.

Abhijeet’s devotion to unscrambling the mysteries of human brain has resulted into the development of this revolutionary system. With an extensive portfolio of intellectual properties, including patents, and research papers, Satani’s work is celebrated by fellow scientists and researchers globally. His COS not only enhances our understanding of brain health but also paves the way for advancements in education and cognitive enhancement.

This internationally recognized scientist and researcher Abhijeet Satani is conscious and aware of the fact that there needs to be a strict regulation on usage of Remote Neural Monitoring and it has to be handled by experts.

Abhijeet has obtained five patents on his inventions which are as follows;

Brain Computer Interface – China

Cognitively System – Europe

Cognitively Operated System – India and USA

Mobile Terminal & Method of Controlling the same- USA

Abhijeet said he with the team of doctors performed the surgery on a patient suffering from cocaine addiction, assisted by a Brain-Computer Interface Module in United Kingdom.

Books authored by Abhijeet so far are ;

A Simple approach to Neuroscience

A Simple Approach to General Anatomy

How to Write a Research Paper

Former Gujarat Minister and currently the President of Ahmedabad Diamond Association Medical Trust, Kothiya Hospital & Kakadiya Hospital – Vallabhbhai Kakadiya was present at the occasion and attributed the success of Abhijeet as a value studded dedicated effort to be applauded and be an inspiration for youngsters to come forward to innovate and research in different fields. The Kothiya Hospital Trust had organised this event.   

Abhijeet is glad that Indian government has encouraged him and helped him to avail laboratory facility and experts’ counselling during his research period. His journey of research and innovation as he says has just begun and there is so much more that this curious Hercule Poirot of neuroscience has to go exploring and benefit the world to make it a better place to live!

BILKULONLINE wishes all the best to Abhijeet.

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