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Gujarat records 886.03 mm rainfall


Gandhinagar, Sep 20 : Gujarat has recorded a total of 886.03 mm of rainfall as on Wednesday, surpassing the average monsoon season expectations by 101.08 per cent.

The diverse regions of Gujarat have experienced varying degrees of rainfall during this season, painting a picture of contrasting climatic conditions. The rainfall is still going on in some parts of the state.

Cumulative rainfall figures for prominent districts in Gujarat stand as follows: Ahmedabad at 71.71 per cent, Surat at 86.04 per cent, Vadodara at 77.93 per cent, and Rajkot at 120.82 per cent.

The Kutch region has witnessed 158.73 per cent of rainfall. Saurashtra follows closely behind at 119.68 per cent, while East Central Gujarat has witnessed 96.11 per cent of its expected rainfall. The North Gujarat region is not far behind at 95.52 per cent, and South Gujarat currently stands at 88.31 per cent of its average monsoon rainfall.

Anjar taluka in Kutch has witnessed the highest percentage of rainfall, standing at a  219.15 per cent.

Junagadh has witnessed 167.78 per cent of the total monsoon average while Kutch witnessed 158.73 per cent which is closely followed by Gir Somnath at 137.99 per cent.

 Ahmedabad district has witnessed 71.71 per cent of the total monsoon average, marking it as the district with the lowest recorded percentage of rainfall thus far.

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