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Visit a unique Health Festival ‘Health and Wellness Expo 2023’ on Oct 7-8 in Ahmedabad

Modification of Lifestyle to Control Diseases is the message of the Health Expo through proper tests, check-ups, counselling, information and more


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Oct 5:  Renowned wellness coaches, food chefs and consultants from Ahmedabad and Gujarat have joined together to organise a ‘Health and Wellness Expo 2023’ in Ahmedabad on October 7 and 8.

Hina Gautam, a passionate chef, food consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist is the one who conceived the idea of presenting before the people of Gujarat a unique health festival. It was duly endorsed by prominent medical experts Dr. Manoj Ghoda and Dr. Deepen Patel.

The Health and Wellness Expo 2023 in Ahmedabad is being held at the YMCA Club in the city.

Hina Gautam said “This Health Expo is unique in the sense we have tried to provide all medical options in the form of different practitioners from medical branches a are being brought under one roof. Information about health and fitness, mental health, rehabilitation, nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, joint pain will also be available in this expo”.

Several essential tests have also been made possible to be conducted at the Health Expo. Many attract heavy discounts while some basic ten tests will be totally free. Pulmonary Test which is more popular after Covid-19 occurrence will also be conducted at the venue by Pune based medical professionals.

Dr Manoj Ghoda while explaining the importance of a good lifestyle said “majority of health issues these days are straight away related to lifestyle of individuals.  Over the years, the food intake, its timings and quality have gone for a toss”.

“The Health Expo in Ahmedabad will be a useful venue for the people of Ahmedabad to get themselves acquainted with the details of the health issues that exist some members of the family and also to take necessary precautionary measures. In short, all the Health Expo is aimed at taking care of the health of your entire family. So, do visit us and take advantage of it”, added Dr Manoj.

Dr Deepen Patel insisted that “it is not necessary that surgeries and operations are needed in many of the pains and health issues, if it is spotted at earlier stages and precautions are taken. Hence, at the Health Expo we have enabled all possible devices, counselling and information available at the hands of the experts and their team members for the people to assess what is going with wrong with their body and why so.  Besides, training in yoga, nature cure, homeopathy, Ayurveda, dental health, eye diagnosis, first aid and CPR will also be provided” added Dr Patel.

Health lectures, seminars are also being organized by experts in this expo. Blood Donation camp have also been organised so all those who desire to donate can also visit the Health Expo.

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