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Ayodhya mosque to be named after Prophet as ‘Muhammad Bin Abdullah Masjid’


Mumbai, Oct 12: In a significant move, the All India Rabta-E-Masjid, an organisation of all mosques in the country, has decided to name the proposed mosque coming at Dhannipur in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya district after the Prophet, as ‘Muhammad Bin Abdullah Masjid’.

The decision was announced at the AIRM conference held here with the participation of all senior clerics of various Muslim sects, initiated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Haji Arfat Shaikh.

The Dhannipur mosque site is around 22 km away from the original location of the centuries old Babri Masjid – that was brought down on December 6, 1992 – in Ayodhya where the grand Lord Ram Temple is nearing completion.

Shaikh said the new masjid coming at the site allotted by the Supreme Court after its verdict in November 2019 promises to be the biggest mosque in India.

“It will be able to accommodate 9,000 faithfuls, including 5,000 men and 4,000 women simultaneously to offer Namaaz. The entire mosque complex, with additional land being procured through our resources, will have medical, educational and social facilities as well,” he said.

The apex court had given 5 acres of land for the new mosque, and there is a plan to purchase 6 more acres for providing the additional facilities to make it a landmark project, other speakers said.

The work on the grand ‘Muhammad Bin Abdullah Masjid’ complex, delayed owing to certain differences among various groups, is now slated to start shortly at the Dhannipur site, Shaikh added.

A symbolic brick for the foundation ceremonies was also handed over to the officials representing the Sunni Waqf Board of India, the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation of India, Salamati Peer Dargah Trust and other prominent organisations involved with the mega-project.

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