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Adani Wilmar’s Fortune launches its master brand TVC, Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil TVC campaign


Ahmedabad, Oct 17: Fortune, India’s No.1 Edible Oil brand, has released their new master brand campaign celebrating the cherished bond between Indians and home-cooked food. Despite the noticeable increase in dining out and food delivery in the recent times, the allure of home-cooked meals, steeped in tradition and prepared with love, remains ever strong in the hearts of every Indian. Fortune with its new campaign, conceptualized and created by Ogilvy, celebrates this love as it releases its new campaign that is paired with their new sonic branding.

Sanjay Adesara, Marketing Head of Fortune Oils, commented on the launch of the campaign- “Home-cooked food holds a special place in the heart of every Indian. With rising health consciousness, a reconnection to our roots, and the desire to explore and experiment with various cuisines, more and more Indians are turning to home-cooked food. We at Fortune have always championed home-cooked food and wanted to celebrate this relationship people have with home-cooked food as it enables the formation of new bonds, strengthens old ones, and helps the maker express their love, care and affection for others.”


Tithi Ghosh, President & Head of Office, Ogilvy South commented – “The Fortune brand, which built its equity through cooking oils, now spans a wide range of kitchen staples like Atta, Rice, Besan, Dals. The stature of the brand is derived from not just oils but this range. Our task is to continue to build this stature and scale for Fortune. Fortune over the last decade has consistently spoken about the ‘value’ of home cooked food. This value extends beyond the health, wholesome taste aspect, to intangible values of love and nurturance. The platform is universal and timeless, only needing a gentle refresh in terms of the depiction of our audiences whose lifestyles and identities are evolving. The brand wants to be seen as more inclusive as it reminds its diverse users – men and women, young and old who are using multiple Fortune products, of the emotion behind home cooked food. While being made from the same ingredients, it’s the love, care that adds a special flavor and taste to the dishes which ultimately distinguishes one cook from the other.”

Extending this message and emphasizing into the entire portfolio of Fortune’s products, Fortune also launched its new campaign for its Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil (KGMO).

Fortune KGMO’s new campaign showcases the connection of mustard oil with Indians, their cultures and traditions and emphasizes on the importance of purity in doing so. The connect to its audience is further strengthened by infusing regional flavors and culture along with music, which is a part of Indian traditions, by collaborating with Malini Awasthi, UP’s renowned folk singer, to create music that resonates with the people.

Sanjay Adesara, commenting on the KGMO campaign said, “Mustard oil has gained prominence in recent years due to its health benefits and cultural relevance in Indian cuisine. Fortune KGMO leverages this shift to mustard oil by showcasing how it connects with the traditions and cultures of Indians. We discovered that unlike other oils in India, mustard oil is not just another cooking oil, but a connection to the traditions and cultures of Indians. Our TVC illustrates the same, as we showcase the different moments in our life where mustard oil plays a prominent role and how Fortune KGMO plays a pivotal role in enhancing these culinary, cultural and traditional experiences.”

“Fortune Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard oil is one of the most popular and loved traditional oil brands being used in households in North India. Fortune Mustard oil is not merely a cooking oil, it is the bearer of culture and tradition. With myriad rituals and dishes woven around it the brand also ties together different places on the map.” Tithi Ghosh, added. “With many local brands trying to stake claim in households in North India, our task was to remind our audience about the legacy of the Fortune brand and its widespread popularity. The brand is a cultural symbol, one that transcends food. We have brought this to life through the jingle, the color and richness of rituals and cooking. The ad is an ode to both the brand and the unique cultural fabric of North India.”

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