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Six die of cardiac arrest in 24 hrs across three Gujarat districts


Jamnagar, Oct 20 : The Saurashtra region in Gujarat has reported six cardiac related deaths within a day, sparking concerns among the medical professionals and the public.

Among the deceased, three were notably young, with ages of 23 in Amreli, 24 in Jamnagar, and a 42-year-old farmer in Dwarka. The incidents took place on Thursday. 

The incidents were spread across three districts, with Amreli and Jamnagar each recording two fatalities, and Dwarka witnessing the demise of two farmers.

Amreli’s 23-year-old, Dinesh Shiyal, succumbed during Navratri festivities. Similarly, a 46-year-old rickshaw driver, Oghad Mindhava, in Amreli faced an abrupt end while working.

Two farmers — Kanjaria Velji Ranmal (42) and Ramji Damji Nakum (52) — died in Devbhoomi Dwarka district. Preliminary reports hinted at cardiac arrest as the primary cause.

Nakum’s family from Dwarka confirmed the cardiac arrest and also the fact that “he had no prior history of any ailments and was fairly healthy at 52 years of age”.

In Jamnagar, Ravi Parbatbhai Luna, 24, suffered a cardiac arrest after reporting mild fever symptoms and chest pain. Not far away, in Pipli village, a truck driver’s life was abruptly halted due to cardiac arrest.

Local health authorities are urging residents to prioritise heart health, given these alarming incidents.

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