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After stray dogs, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to ramp up efforts against stray cattle menace


Ahmedabad, Oct 31:Following the Gujarat High Court’s stern warning to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) asking it to take decisive measures to address the stray cattle menace, the AMC has directed its staff to intensify efforts to rid the city’s streets of stray bovine, officials confirmed on Tuesday.

The Gujarat High Court had asked authorities to take strict measures to ensure proper implementation of the guidelines for stray animals, removal of illegal encroachment and improvement of bad roads among others.

In a proactive move, the AMC has also initiated the process of identifying and reclaiming gauchar lands, intending to convert them into cattle ponds.

This initiative follows the recent action on Monday, where the AMC removed 17 truckloads of stray cattle from Vadaj, and relocated them outside the city limits.

AMC Commissioner M Thennarasan highlighted the issue of encroachments on gauchar lands, government properties, and civic plots, particularly in areas like Amraiwadi, Odhav, and Bag-e-Firdosh.

He emphasised the importance of clearing these encroachments to create dedicated spaces for cattle.

Cattle owners will be given a two-day ultimatum to relocate their animals outside the city. Failure to comply will result in the impoundment of the cattle.

He also stressed upon the need for expedited issuance of licences and permits for cattle-rearing within the city.

In collaboration with the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority and city traffic police, the AMC has identified several cattle menace hotspots.

Regular inspections and strict actions against violations are on the agenda. There will be immediate removal of fodder selling points to discourage the congregation of stray cattle.

The Cattle Nuisance Control Department (CNCD) has been instructed to provide daily reports on their progress and actions. The work is in progress now.

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