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‘TV vs OTT’: Television more deadline centric medium, says Ravi Dubey

Mumbai, Nov 18: Actor Ravi Dubey who is best known for his roles in serials such as ‘Jamai Raja’ and ‘Saas Bina Sasural’, is now gracing the world of OTT as well, bridging the gap between the two platforms.

A versatile performer who has done roles ranging from soap operas, comedy, action, thriller, and reality shows, the actor will now also be showing his prowess as a producer.

The advent of OTT platforms brought forth a new wave in entertainment. While the TV audience declined, Ravi adapted well, and proved the point in the longstanding TV vs. OTT debate, that television actors can also transition between the two platforms.

When asked if there are chances of more successful TV actors, directors, producers doing well in the world of OTT, Ravi explained: “I don’t really think that it is the matter of an expertise that changes from platform to platform or medium to medium, there is a nature of devil. Television for that matter is deadline centric medium, OTT and films are not and that is a massive advantage that film and OTT enjoy.”

He added: “In fact television for decades now has sustained this brilliant format called appointment viewing. And, I think OTT I think is following that exact same format now, I’m early 1990’s TV was available to only selected people in the country and the top makers of the country were making nice content back then but after some time in the early 2000’s it was available for everyone just like our smartphones.”

Concluding his argument, he said: “So you have to make content for everybody, it has to be appealing to everybody and it has to be as cost effective as possible. And speaking about the talent, somebody who has performed in a deadline centric medium would perform at the best of their abilities now more than ever. So there’s no difference, if you can take a deadline variable out of television and you have an OTT show.”

Recognising the unique individual strengths of both mediums, and the challenges that come with them, the ‘12/24 Karol Bagh’ actor is juggling between the wider outreach of television and the creative freedom of OTT.


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