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Fitness Icon Milind Soman spreads Health Message as he triumphs in 650-Kilometer Solo Cycling Expedition for Lifelong Green Ride 3.0

Milind reaches out to youth across India advocating Health and Environmental Well-being


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Dec 16: Milind Soman, India’s fitness icon and supermodel, has accomplished a remarkable feat by completing a 650-kilometer solo cycling expedition from Pune to Vadodara as part of the Lifelong Green Ride 3.0 initiative. The event, organized by Lifelong Online Retail Private Limited, a leading consumer durables company, aims to foster a healthier and eco-friendly environment.

Milind Soman kicked off the cycling journey on December 11th in Pune, pedaling towards Vadodara, with a planned stopover in Mumbai & Surat. While the cycling leg of this initiative comes to a conclusion in Vadodara, it will be followed by a 100 km ride in Bangalore on TVS iQube electric bike. As a part of the Green Ride initiative, he is also scheduled to visit the Statue of Unity on December 17, 2023, where he along with other dignitaries will be inaugurating the adventure sports at Statue of Unity. Milind, actively associated with the Lifelong campaign, encourages individuals to “Fight Lazy” and strive towards their fittest selves. The Lifelong Freeride Cycle accompanies him on this mission, inspiring people to embrace an active lifestyle and contribute to environmental well-being.

Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder of Lifelong Online Retail Pvt. Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the Green Ride initiative, stating, “We are celebrating the triumph of determination and sustainable living as Milind completes a phenomenal 650-kilometer solo cycling journey from Pune to Vadodara. Milind Soman’s inspiring journey mirrors the ethos of Lifelong to empower individuals to lead active lives while nurturing our planet. We believe in creating products that enhance well-being and contribute to a sustainable future.”

Milind Soman, the fitness icon, shared his excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to have completed this exhilarating 650-kilometer solo cycling expedition from Pune to Vadodara as part of the Lifelong Green Ride 3.0 initiative. This journey is not just a personal triumph, but a testament to the power of sustainable living and the impact one can make in fostering a healthier, eco-friendly environment. I look forward to the next leg of this adventure—an electric vehicle ride covering an additional 100 kilometers in Bangalore, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally conscious choices. Let this journey be a source of inspiration for all to join hands in creating a sustainable and healthier future together.”

Within the Ride, Milind actively promoted the “Ride with Family” initiative, inviting Lifelong customers to share the journey alongside him, fostering a sense of community and well-being. In parallel, Milind took time to connect with schoolchildren in Pune, bringing the message of health and sustainability to the younger generation.

The Green Ride 3.0 spanned various cities, navigating through diverse terrains to symbolize the collective endeavor required for a healthier planet. Lifelong, in collaboration with Milind Soman, extends an open invitation to all to become part of this movement, advocating for fitness, environmental consciousness, and the relentless pursuit of a healthier, sustainable future.

Speaking on the occasion, Saurabh Kapoor, VP – Marketing, EV Business Unit, TVS Motor Company says, “As we embrace the future of sustainable mobility, this partnership with Green Ride and Milind Soman epitomizes our unwavering commitment to a greener tomorrow. By showcasing the harmony between electric vehicles and our shared dedication to a sustainable future, we aim to inspire a global audience to join us on this transformative journey towards eco-friendly and responsible modes of travel.”

Milind gained popularity for his unique looks and well-sculpted physique. He became the first male supermodel in India. Milind Soman also expanded his career into acting and appeared in several Bollywood films. Some of his notable movies include 16 December, Bheja Fry, and Jodi Breakers.

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