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Vi becomes the first Telecom Operator to Provide Seamless Connectivity at Surat Diamond Exchange


The recently inaugurated  Surat Diamond Bourse, the world’s largest center for international diamond and jewelry business is one of its kind Bourse is set to house over 4,000 offices and projected to generate over Rs 2 lakh crores worth of business annually. 

Recognizing the criticality of reliable 24×7 network connectivity for the smooth and efficient functioning of an infrastructure of such massive proportions, Leading Telecom Operator Vi, has taken the initiative to install In-building sites at the Bourse to ensure that business units located within the premises receive seamless network connectivity. 

Vi is focused on providing sustainable value that encompasses a superior data and voice experience, as well as building a differentiated digital experience for our customers. It is the only telecom operator to move with speed and get their network connectivity up and running through strategically positioned sites to ensure optimal coverage in the building. In the near future, Vi plans to further strengthen the network within the premises. 

Commenting on this initiative, Sukanta Das, Cluster Business Head – Gujarat, Vodafone Idea, said, “At Vi, we use the power of technology to enhance our customers’ lives – through ubiquitous presence and connectivity to match the fast-paced business environment. As a brand that has always kept customer needs at the forefront of everything we do, we took the lead to become the first and only telecom operator to install In-Building sites at the Surat Diamond Exchange, the world’s largest center for diamond business. Vi customers working from the bourse can now experience seamless network connectivity at all hours. In the near future, we plan to add more sites to further strengthen the network within the premises.”  

This development reaffirms Vi’s commitment to continue being the most trusted and valued partner helping businesses succeed in a digital world.

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