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Mom & Dad’s names to be part of child’s full identity in Maha: Ajit Pawar

Mumbai, Dec 25 : In a major announcement ahead of the election year, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has said henceforth the mother’s name will be included in any child’s name along with the father’s name in Maharashtra.

Speaking to the media, the breakaway Nationalist Congress Party (AP) leader said that Maharashtra is a progressive state and will soon introduce the Fourth Women’s Policy.

Under that policy, a provision is given to have the child’s name, followed by the mother’s and then the father’s names, and ending with the surname, while speaking at an event in Pune late on Sunday.

“We already know that the father’s name is included as the middle-name of the child, but in the past few years, many people have started including their mother’s name on social media and even for official documents,” Ajit Pawar pointed out.

This trend will now get official sanction under the proposed new women’s policy, formulated by Women & Child Development Minister Aditi Tatkare and approved by the state cabinet, he said.

Emphasising the importance of women in homes and society, he said that under the far-sighted new policy another important provision will be made for those planning to buy a home.

“If a flat is purchased in the name of the man (husband), it attracts six per cent tax, but if it is bought in the wife’s name, then only five per cent tax will be levied, thus resulting in savings for the entire family,” said Ajit Pawar, who is also the Finance Minister.

He advised all men that in case they plan to invest in a new home, then they should seriously consider this option to save some money, citing an example of how, if a flat worth Rs 50 lakh is bought, there can be direct savings of Rs 50,000 with the wife’s name.

The Deputy CM assured that these and many other far-reaching measures shall be revealed in phases under the upcoming new women’s policy of the state intended to empower and make them more independent.

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