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Nicaraguan flight from France with over 275 passengers lands in Mumbai

Mumbai, Dec 26 : A chartered aircraft bound for Nicaragua with more than 275 passengers, mostly Indians, which was detained for four days in France over suspected ‘human trafficking’, landed in Mumbai early on Tuesday, officials said here.

The flight, operated by a Romanian group, was detained at Vatry Airport, a minor international airport around 150 kms from Paris, for four days, sparking an international diplomatic spat.

The flight, originating in Dubai and bound for Nicaragua, was detained and grounded on Thursday at Vatry Airport owing to some anonymous tips of suspected human trafficking, and two passengers were placed under custody for alleged involvement in an illegal immigration racket.

Later, around 25 fliers including two minors, said they want asylum in France and have remained there, and earlier this week the passengers were in the process of being investigated by a judicial team from Paris.

On Monday, the two detenues were set free, and the Airbus A-340 charter flight of Legend Airlines, was also cleared for take-off.

After the French Police and judicial authorities completed their investigations, the flight was permitted to take off around 2.30 p.m. (local time) from Vatry Airport and landed in Mumbai after 4 a.m. (IST).

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