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KD’s Hilarious Gujarati film “Danny Jigar-Ek Matra” depicts Yash Soni as a super cop with a difference!

Gujarati Action Comedy Drama ‘Danny Jigar-Ek Matra’ will be in theatres from Jan 5    


Ahmedabad, Jan 2: Danny Jigar is an upcoming 2024 Gujarati action comedy drama film directed and written by Krishnadev Yagnik, with co-writer Jaswant Parmar. The film is produced by Nilay Chotai and Dipen Patel. It stars Yash Soni, Tarjanee Bhadla, Jitendra Thakkar and Chetan Daiya. 

Stylish super cop Danny Jigar takes the challenge of recovering a stolen 600-year-old statue. With his style and humor, He showcases his intelligence while solving the case.

“Danny Jigar-Ek Matra” is total comedy and craziness of fun and fantasy. The story laced with humour and entertainment revolves around how a stylish super cop Inspector Danny Jigar takes on the challenge of recovering a stolen 600-year-old. For this, the hero of the film, Yash Soni has sported special long moustache look for his character.

The film was initially scheduled to be released in the theatres on 8 December 2023, however, it was delayed, and it will now be released in theatres on 5 January 2024.

The ‘Chhello Divas’ actor Yash Soni, is known as a versatile actor of repute. While interacting with the media in Ahmedabad, Yash said “I feel I am lucky to be a part of Krishnadev Yagnik’s film. This film is one of its kind of a Gujarati film and am sure it would be loved by the audiences for all its madness and fun. During the 43 days of its shooting, entire unit got drenched into a mood of fun and thrill which is the genre of the film. For me, playing the role of a super cop who can literally do anything he likes was amusing”.

Yash said “My look in the film and the role of a super cop was possible for me to perform with the direction of the great Director like KD Sir. Through the workshop I could perform for this role. The attire and moustache helped me to ooze out the energetic performance for this role which is not a serious yet wears a uniform and performs the duty”.

Yash said “We should respect and obey our police force but should not fear them, since they are there for our safety and maintain law and order. Danny Jigar and Ahmedabad Traffic Police had jointly conducted a traffic awareness drive on Monday afternoon wherein they congratulated the good drivers and presented a memento”.

Pointing out the menace of pirated film copies of Gujarati films Yash appealed all the people through media to not entertain viewing such copies and discouraging such practices. He said actually there is a great viewership of Gujarati films but collection is much less. This prevents Gujarati films to go global and raise the standard still better.”

Heroine of the film ‘Danny Jigar’ is Tarjanee Bhadla. She expressed joy and happiness to be associated with this film. She said KD Sir’s films always have a distinction of variation of characters of a heroine hence when I was offered this movie I was thrilled to be the part of it”.

Nilay Chotai, producer of the film ‘Danny Jijar’ said that this film was their second costliest movie after ‘Rado’ wherein they spent Rs 14 crores while for Danny Jigar their budget was Rs 8.5 cr. He said on January 5th Danny Jigar will be released in Gujarat and Mumbai on 300 screens with 3000 shows on the first day.

Kalpesh Soni, the co-producer of the film was also present at the occasion.



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