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Forecasting fashion trends for 2024


SUNDAY Special

New Delhi, Jan 07 : Stepping into the fresh canvas of 2024, fashion unfurls a tapestry woven with bows, rosettes, and the allure of ‘stealth wealth.’ Embrace a year where tailored elegance converges with effortless ease, redefining the essence of power dressing.

The Soft Power Suit: Bows adorn everything, and their popularity is set to soar as 2024’s fashion trends evolve. Countless rosettes, ribbons, and ruffles also caught our eye.

Preppy Plus: Welcoming the new year with enthusiasm, we’re diving into the relaxed, affluent aesthetic by embracing striped button-downs, polo shirts, academic blazers, and outdoorsy sandals.

Fluidity in Design: A resurgence in tailored dressing marks a shift from recent trends dominated by coordinated sets. Blazers and trousers take the spotlight, blending sartorial elements with a laid-back vibe. Our focus is on crafting ensembles that exude efficiency and sophistication while ensuring comfort remains integral.

Quiet Luxury & Stealth Wealth: The buzz phrases of 2024, “quiet luxury” and “stealth wealth,” resonate deeply in the realm of new power dressing. Tailored separates stand as the core aesthetic, offering wearers a refined yet relaxed silhouette. This narrative shift mirrors the pursuit of sophistication without sacrificing comfort.

C-Suite Chic: Industry sentiments affirm the enduring presence of tailored dressing. Blazers and trousers reign supreme, infused with an effortless, relaxed aura. The power suit transcends traditional office boundaries, seamlessly transitioning from boardroom to bar, blurring the lines between work and leisure.

Shades of Green: Green emerges as the season’s ‘it’ colour, already making its mark across the fashion landscape.

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