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‘Junior Titans’ launched in Ahmedabad to instil love of sport in children

– Initiative designed in collaboration with LALIGA

Inaugural ‘Let’s Sport Out’ themed event saw participation of 800 children from 28 schools 


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Jan 20: Gujarat Titans successfully kicked off their ‘Junior Titans’ initiative, in collaboration with LALIGA, with an exciting inaugural event in Ahmedabad. The ‘Let’s Sport Out’ themed event, dedicated to cultivate a love for outdoor sports among children under 14, saw enthusiastic participation from 800 children from 28 schools in the city. A series of these events will now take place over the next few weeks across various cities in Gujarat.

‘Junior Titans,’ with the theme of ‘Let’s Sport Out,’ is designed to revive the joy of outdoor activities among young children, focusing on the sheer enjoyment of sports without the stress of competition. The program aims to bring children back to the playground, allowing them to relish the essence of play and the spirit of true sportsmanship.

The children took great joy in the various sports activities and experienced the real spirit of being a ‘Junior Titan’. The organizers expressed their gratitude to all the participating schools for their support and commitment to fostering a love for sports among their young students.

Colonel Arvinder Singh, COO – Gujarat Titans, said, “Junior Titans is an initiative to instil and nurture a passion for sports among young children. We are glad that LALIGA has joined us in our mission to ignite love for sports in children. The response from the young participants has been overwhelming and we received participation of 800 students from 28 schools. We will strive to give better experience in upcoming events to lay the foundation for a promising sporting legacy in Gujarat.” 

Octavi Anoro, Head of LALIGA International Department, said, “Witnessing the vibrant engagement of young talents reaffirms our belief in the power of sports to inspire our children. This collaboration with Gujarat Titans for ‘Junior Titans’ signifies our collective commitment to shape the future of sports.”

The event, open to all children in the U-14 age group, featured a range of interactive activities, including cricket and football challenges, interactive games, and an exclusive glimpse into the world of Gujarat Titans. The collaboration with LALIGA added a unique dimension to the initiative, offering young aspirants a football masterclass supervised by the Technical Director of the LALIGA Football Schools, Miiguel Casal. 

The ‘Junior Titans’ event will continue to unfold every Saturday, with upcoming dates in Vadodara on January 27th, Surat on February 3rd, Rajkot on February 10th, Bhuj on February 17th, and a concluding event in Ahmedabad on February 24th. The program aims to provide a delightful and interactive platform for children to experience the thrill of sports in a fun environment. The details of the venues will be notified soon.

It is noteworthy that Gujarat Titans made history during the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 by clinching the title in their first season. The team pays tribute to the state’s rich cricketing legacy – one that has groomed numerous international players over the years, who have represented India with great distinction.


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