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IIMA Launches Two-Year Degree MBA Programme in Blended Mode


Ahmedabad, Feb 2: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), a premier global management institute, announced the launch of its new two-year Online MBA programme – a degree-granting post-graduate programme designed for working professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to strike a balance between the pressures of their work life and their professional aspirations.

The Online MBA programme is a blended (hybrid) programme that combines on-campus, in-person sessions and live interactive online sessions. The programme is meant for a seasoned cohort of participants with a minimum experience of three years. It will primarily be delivered in an online synchronous mode, suitably complemented through five distinct on-campus modules. In tune with the IIMA pedagogy, the programme will predominantly follow a case-based approach that focusses on applied learning to ensure that the participants gain the knowledge and skills required for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Announcing the launch of the programme, Professor Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIMA said, “We are excited to launch the Online MBA programme, which expands IIMA’s reach and provides world-class education to working professionals and entrepreneurs around the world. This innovative programme combines the flexibility of online learning with the richness of on-campus interaction, ensuring participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers.”

Professor Pradyumana Khokle, Dean (Programmes), IIMA said, “The Online MBA programme is the most extensive of a new generation of programmes offered by IIMA. It combines the ability of the online to reach across the world with the power of the offline to do things that are done best offline. We expect that through the Online MBA, practitioners will be able to further develop into some of the best leaders and managers of the world.”

Elaborating on the format of the programme, Professor Joshy Jacob, Chairperson (Online MBA) said, “The programme curriculum is designed to equip participants with the functional and organizational skills necessary to thrive in a challenging world. It aspires to upskill working professionals by exposing them to managerial decision-making frameworks that are grounded in human behaviour, economics, finance, etc. The in-person classes conducted at IIMA focus on interpersonal and organisational dynamics that are complex to manoeuvre and hard to learn. On the other hand, the sessions that are held online through live classes are around content that is more amenable for quantitative and systematic analysis.”

Working professionals and entrepreneurs with a minimum of three years of full-time work experience and a bachelor’s degree or equivalent can apply to the programme. The admissions will be based on an admission test (IIMA Admission Test (IAT)/ CAT/ GMAT/GRE) and a personal interview.

For more information about the Online MBA programme and the application process, please visit the IIMA website at

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