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GLS University partners with Leeds Beckett University to offer UK Bachelor’s Degrees

It is FIRST such agreement in India, that has collaborated with LBU, under the guidelines of the New Education Policy


Ahmedabad, March 2: Gujarat Law Society (GLS) GLS University and Leeds Beckett University (LBU) celebrated a significant collaboration agreement, heralding a new era in academic partnership. The event, graced by eminent personalities including GLS University’s President,  Sudhir Nanavati, Executive Director Dr. Chandni Kapadia, and LBU’s Prof. Peter Slee, Dr. Akin Akintoye, and Prof. George Lodorfos, highlighted the commitment to providing students with global exposure and academic excellence. Dr. Kapadia expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its potential to open doors to exciting career opportunities in the UK and beyond.

UPSC Chairman, Dr. Manoj Soni, underscored the importance of internationalization in Indian universities and the implementation of the New Education Policy 2020 to enhance holistic student development. The Deans of Built Environment, Engineering, and Computing at LBU, Dr. Akin Akintoye, and Prof. George Lodorfos, lauded the collaboration as a historic moment for both universities and their respective countries.  Sudhir Nanavati highlighted the agreement’s benefits in fostering economic growth and societal development through skilled workforce development, innovation, and cross-border partnerships.

The partnership between GLS University and LBU offers a unique opportunity for students to complete their bachelor’s degree in international business management and computer science, with the flexibility to study abroad or complete their remaining education at GLS University. The ceremony, attended by key LBU representatives and GLS University’s Provost Dr. Dharmesh Shah and Hemant Agrawal, showcased a commitment to academic excellence and international research collaboration.

Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University, said “the collaboration between the two universities offers a myriad of benefits that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. “It will contribute to economic growth and societal development by nurturing a skilled workforce, fostering innovation, and promoting cross-border partnerships. GLS University is committed to opening and promoting more such programmes in the future,” Nanavati said.

Earlier, Jayshree Raghuraman, South Asia Head of LBU, shared an overview of the programme.

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