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In a first, Rajasthan govt initiates e-auction for gold mines

Jaipur, March. 7: The Mines Department in Rajasthan has initiated an e-auction process for the state’s first gold mines in Bhukia-Jagpura and Kankaria-Gara areas in Banswara district, and made the tender document available on the Government of India’s MSTC portal, officials said here on Wednesday.

Now, a gold mine auction is going to be held for the first time in the state, the officials added.

Mines Secretary Anandi said that the department has completed all the formalities for the gold mine auction in less than a month, and has also released the e-auction programme on the MSTC portal and the website of the mines department.

There are large reserves of gold in the Bhukia-Jagpura area of Banswara. Signs of gold were seen here for the first time during the exploration done by geologists from the Geological Survey of India in their search for copper in this area.

After extensive exploration, a preliminary assessment of 113.52 million tonnes of gold ore was made in an area spanning 940.26 hectares, in which the amount of gold metal was estimated at 222.39 tonnes.

During the mining of gold ore here, co-minerals will also be extracted, Anandi added.

According to the e-auction programme, tender documents can be purchased till March 21. The last date for submission of technical bids is April 12, following which the auction will be held on May 2 for the mining licence for Bhukia-Jagpura gold mines, and on May 3 for the composite licence for Kankaria-Gara,

With the auction of gold mines, Rajasthan will now be on the world map as a gold mining state, said Anandi.

“After indications of gold ore were found during the initial exploration at Kankaria-Gara, a tender has been issued for an e-auction for further exploration. Kankaria-Jara has a potential of 1.24 million tonnes of gold ore in an area of 205 hectares. Along with gold, other co-minerals will also be obtained from these gold mines.

“This will create unprecedented opportunities for direct and indirect employment along with new investments in many industries, including electronic, petroleum, petrochemical, battery, airbag, etc. Also, new investments in the industries related to co-minerals will generate abundant opportunities for revenue and direct and indirect employment,” she said.

Mines Director Bhagwati Prasad Kalal said that interested persons can participate in the e-auction process by registering on the Government of India portal.

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