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Vishala and Vichha Trust celebrate ‘World Theater Day’ with grandeur


Ahmedabad, March 28: Ahmedabad’s cultural landscape is set to shine brighter on the 27th of March as Vishala and Vichha Trust gear up to celebrate World Theater Day with their annual Vishala Gaurav Awards. This prestigious event, held at the iconic Vishala Hotel, promises an evening of reverence, talent, and celebration, honoring the stalwarts of Gujarati theater.

For over a decade, Vishala and Vichha Trust have been at the forefront of recognizing and honoring the immense contribution of veteran theater artists. This year is no different, as ten esteemed theater veterans, including Feroze Bhagat, Manoj Shah, and Sujata Mehta, among others, will be felicitated for their outstanding dedication to the art form.

Adding a new dimension to the celebration, this year’s event will also honor a young and promising talent, Yukti Modi, highlighting the trust’s commitment to nurturing budding artists and keeping the theatrical legacy alive and thriving.

The evening will be graced by the presence of Harshad Patel, the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, who will felicitate the artists, adding to the event’s prestige and significance. Speaking about the event, Surendrabhai Patel, the visionary behind Vishala and the driving force behind the trust, expressed his pride in honoring these artists who have dedicated their lives to theater.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the evening promises a vibrant showcase of talent, camaraderie, and cultural exchange, offering attendees a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Gujarat’s theater scene. The event will culminate with a sumptuous feast of Vishala’s renowned Manbhav food, bringing together artists and attendees in a celebration of art and life.

The Vishala Gaurav Awards not only honor the past achievements of these theater luminaries but also inspire the next generation of artists to carry forward the torch of creativity and excellence. This event serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all theater enthusiasts, reminding us of the enduring power of art to unite, inspire, and transform lives.

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