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Corporate Security Management Course for Vedanta Security Officers Kicks Off at Rashtriya Raksha University


Gandhinagar, April 3: Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) – The School of Private, Industrial & Corporate Security Management at Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) proudly inaugurated the Basic Course in Corporate Security Management for Vedanta Junior Security Officers (JSO). This marks another milestone in RRU’s commitment to elevating standards in private and corporate security. Building on the success of previous courses, this initiative reinforces RRU’s significance in shaping the security landscape.

Noteworthy is the emphasis on women empowerment, with 20 out of 23 participants are women. This reflects the evolving dynamics of security education and underscores the collaboration between corporate entities and educational institutions like RRU. Such partnerships are essential as India’s demand for security services escalates, necessitating tailored training programs that address industry-specific challenges while championing diversity and inclusivity.

The Basic Course in Corporate Security Management offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as General Management in Private Security, Physical Security Basics, Security Risk Assessment, Fire Safety, Laws related to Security, Organised Crime Impact, First Aid, Technical Integration, Sector-specific Security, Investigation, Surveillance, Corporate Vigilance and Cyber Security.

The importance of this occasion is underscored by the presence of distinguished guests and speakers who shared valuable insights during the event. Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel reflected on the dynamic landscape of security in modern India. He emphasized the delicate balance between achieving and sustaining success in the context of a rapidly developing nation like Viksit Bharat. Prof. Patel stressed the paramount importance placed by private organizations on the safety and security of their investments, underlining the responsibility to safeguard both financial and personal safety. He acknowledged the pivotal role played by companies in driving economic growth and development, highlighting RRU’s contribution in fortifying private, industrial, and corporate security through specialized training programs.

Prof. Patel underscored the inseparable connection between security and development, cautioning that even minor security lapses could tarnish a company’s reputation and brand image. He emphasized the significance of intelligence in safeguarding intellectual property rights, processes, plants, individuals, and organizations. Prof. Patel called upon participants to embrace their role as agents of transformation in ensuring the economic protection of organizations like Vedanta, drawing parallels with the security arrangements at Doha International Airport manned by private security personnel only

Gopal Choudhary, SVP & Group CSO of Vedanta emphasized the evolving concept of security post 9/11. He highlighted the responsibility entrusted upon individuals to ensure business continuity and resilience in times of crisis. Stressing the importance of trust, integrity, and the safekeeping of materials, he commended the diverse composition of the batch, aligning with Vedanta’s vision for increased diversity. Mr Choudhary applauded the rise of female Security Officers in various companies as a testament to progress, underscoring that excellence is a continuous journey.

Nimesh Dave, Director of the School of Private, Industrial & Corporate Security Management highlighted the unique advantages of studying at RRU. He pointed out the vibrant atmosphere on campus, where trainees can observe students engaging in various activities throughout the day.  Dave emphasized the opportunity for interaction with current students and faculty members from different schools, as well as the concurrent training programs taking place, providing a diverse learning environment. He also mentioned the upcoming training of retiring Army Personnels in Corporate Security by the school, encouraging trainees to make the most of their exposure to different individuals on campus. Mr. Dave urged trainees to seize the maximum benefits offered by RRU. Dave also emphasized on the importance of the Post Graduate Diploma In Corporate Security Management Course conducted by the School in Association with XLRI.

The inauguration event served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations aimed at advancing the field of corporate security management. It underscored the importance of partnerships between academia, industry, and government in addressing contemporary security challenges.

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