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MICA Expands Curriculum to Include Sports Business Specialization


Ahmedabad, April 04, MICA, Ahmedabad, a premier B-school known for its focus on media and entertainment management, is adapting to the changing landscape of the sports industry. The institute has renamed its Media and Entertainment Management Area to Media Entertainment and Sports Management, reflecting its new focus on sports business.

Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director of MICA, highlighted the rapid transformation in the Indian sports ecosystem, citing trends such as virtual reality experiences, esports, and digital streaming. He stated, “MICA’s move to reorient our specialization will ensure our students stay ahead of the curve.”

Dr. Githa Heggde, Dean of MICA, Ahmedabad, explained that this step integrates sports and experiential business as the core of the department. She emphasized the need for professionals with a comprehensive understanding of sports business models and diverse skill sets, which will unlock numerous professional opportunities for students.

The new specialization will expose students to various dimensions of sports business, including monetization, franchising, and club management. Recently, students attended a workshop on Sports Marketing by  Vinit Karnik, Head of Sports, ESports, and Entertainment at GroupM.

Prof. Santosh Kumar Patra, Head, Media Entertainment, and Sports Management, highlighted the significance of sports in the experiential business, which drives 25% of the total business. He mentioned that the industry is not only growing exponentially in India but also diversifying beyond cricket.

MICA’s Centre for Media Entertainment and Sports (CMES) has already undertaken case studies on IPL valuation and annual sports, and published reports on e-sports and gaming.

Dr. Bhaskar Das, Mentor, MESM Area and Governing Council Member of MICA, emphasized the need for a specialized skill set to manage the rapidly growing sports, gaming, and e-sports industry in India. He noted that the media and entertainment industry, enabled by experience-led companies in sports, gaming, and e-sports, is expected to touch 3 trillion INR in business in the next couple of years.

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