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Record-breaking Veervratotsav in Ahmedabad: 35 Mumukshus Set to Embark on Spiritual Journey

Ahmedabad Prepares for Historic Jain Event: 35 to Renounce Worldly Life in Record-breaking Veervratotsav


Ahmedabad, April 12: In a historic event set to take place on April 22, 2024, Ahmedabad will witness a record-breaking Veervratotsav, with 35 individuals renouncing the worldly life and embarking on the path of Prabhu Mahaveer. This event, marking 2,550 years since the nirvana of the final Tirthankara Mahaveer Swami of Jain dharma, will be a momentous occasion for the city.

Organized as part of the celebration, a grand festival will commence on April 18, lasting for five days, with around a hundred thousand Jain devotees expected to participate from around the world. The festival will include various events such as a majestic welcome procession for the Reverend guru bhagwants, a henna festival, a 7km long procession with chariots, and more.

The diksha will be given by Diksha Mahanayaka Reverend Acharya Dev Vijay Yogatilaksurishvarji Maharaja inside the magnificent Adhyatma Nagari, which has been created on the Sabarmati Riverfront. This grand structure spans three hundred thousand square feet and includes a glorious temple for the worship of Paramaatma, designed by Bollywood art director Chandrashekhar Parab.

Among the Mumukshus taking diksha, there are several unique stories, including families renouncing their homes, individuals with remarkable academic achievements, and talented musicians and singers embracing the path of Prabhu Veer. The diksha ceremony will be conducted under the auspices of 15 Reverend Acharya Bhagwants along with 400 Reverend Sadhu-Sadhviji.

The event is expected to be a moment of spiritual significance and cultural celebration, bringing together devotees and spectators to witness this extraordinary display of faith and devotion.


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