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Gujarat: Over 250 taken ill due to food poisoning at wedding, hospitalised


Veraval, April 19: At least 250 guests at a wedding ceremony were taken ill due to suspected food poisoning in Mathasuliya village in Gujarat’s Gir Somnath district.

After consuming buttermilk served at the event on Friday, people exhibited acute symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting, sources said.

Health officials are investigating the source of contamination to prevent further incidents.

Emergency services were called to the scene as health condition of many worsened, necessitating immediate medical attention.

The affected individuals were admitted to a nearby hospital today for treatment and observation.

“The village hospital faced challenges in dealing with the aftermath of a massive food poisoning incident at a wedding. With over 250 affected individuals seeking medical help, the facility quickly became overwhelmed due to insufficient bed capacity,” sources said.

Many victims were forced to sleep on the floor or make do with hospital benches due to the lack of available space. Additionally, the hospital struggled with a staff shortage, complicating efforts to provide adequate care to all those affected,” the sources said.

Some patients are doing fine now, while others are still admitted.

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