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BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate Poonamben Maadam inaugurates party’s central election offices in four assemblies


Ahmedabad, April 26: As the election atmosphere heats up across Jamnagar Lok Sabha constituency, Central Election Offices were opened by BJP in four assembly constituencies. In the last week, Central Election Offices were opened in Jamnagar North, Jamnagar South, Jamjodhpur and Dwarka assembly constituencies by the BJP.

In the last two days alone, election offices were inaugurated by the BJP candidate Poonamben Maadam in Jamjodhpur and Dwarka constituencies. On this occasion, BJP MLAs Rivaba Jadeja, Divyeshbhai Akbari and Pabubha Manek besides the office-bearers and other senior leaders of the party were present.

Member of Parliament and BJP’s candidate Poonamben Maadam expressed happiness on this occasion and while addressing the party members said that the 2024 elections which is like the festival of democracy is important for all. “We all have to strive that BJP wins 370 seats and the NDA wins over 400 so that the son of Gujarat – Narendra Modi – gets the leadership of the country once again,” she said.

“The kind of atmosphere of the festival of democracy has developed, it seems that the entire Jamnagar city and Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka districts are eagerly waiting to cast their vote for BJP. It is also a proud moment for all of us that the kind of work that were done in the entire country and in the Halar region in the last 10 years, we could not imagine before these 10 years that something like this could also happen,” she further added.

It is important to note that the Central Election Offices will play a major role in BJP’s campaign work and it will help the party to connect with the people.

In the coming days, Central Election Offices will also be opened in other assembly constituencies falling within Jamnagar Parliamentary constituency such as Jamnagar Rural, Khambhaliya and Kalavad.

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