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Manish Anandani of Kenvue Addresses IAA & ISA: Reflecting on the Past and Envisioning the Future


New Delhi, April 26: The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) together with The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) hosted the IAA & ISA Retrospect and Prospects with Manish Anandani, Managing Director – India, Kenvue (erstwhile Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health) on 24th April in Mumbai. Kenvue was the presenting partner while ABP News & Fortune Edible Oils and Foods were the supporting partners for the event.

Manish Anandani, Managing Director – India, Kenvue (erstwhile Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health) the keynote speaker emphasized “The Indian FMCG industry has been a key driver contributing to India’s buoyant economy. There have been many factors like a young dynamic India, increasing urbanisation and a rising middle class which are presenting tremendous opportunities for the industry to pivot and scale. Today, we are seeing ‘Many India’s’ with many consumer cohorts, making it imperative for brands to design personalised, customised and immersive campaigns to better engage with these audiences. We are also seeing big shifts in consumer behaviour, with sustainability, purpose, and transparency being prioritised by the conscious consumer . These aspects will continue to shape the marketing agenda. We are excited about these opportunities and what it presents for our iconic brands such as Johnson’s Baby, Stayfree, Neutrogena.”

Avinash Pandey, President, IAA India Chapter and CEO, ABP Network said “IAA has always been at the forefront of activities that benefit the Marcom Industry. Whether it be the Leadership Awards which are for the marketers, to having an all advertising jury for our successful creative awards called IndIAA to having an annual program named the Retrospect & Prospects where a leading marketer gives a perspective of the high and lows of the last year and some crystal ball gazing about the year ahead, we have always done path-breaking initiatives.  And so, in that spirit we have also saluted collaborations and cooperation and had the first IAA and ISA program. I am sure this model will be appreciated and emulated in other programs as well””.

Sunil Kataria, Chairman, The India Society of Advertisers & CEO of Raymond’s Lifestyle Business said “An insightful presentation by Manish Anandani in retospect and prospect session , dwelling  into macro and micro opportunities of the India growth story driven by GDP, demographics, customer sentiments, rapid digitalization, evolving shopping &  consumption behaviors has thrown interesting light on the possibilities ahead. 

I am confident that our audience from IAA and ISA would have immensely benefited from the session today towards gearing up for the future”

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