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Broad necklines, fuller sleeves, choli-cut anarkalis: Designers decode ‘Heeramandi’ style

New Delhi, May 5: From the sets to the costumes and jewellery, everything filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali does to tell a story is dazzling. Designer duo Rimple and Harpreet, who made over 300 costumes for the director’s debut series ‘Heeramandi’, have decoded each outfit and revealed what they kept in mind while making it.

Harpreet said that in crafting the costumes, they employed various techniques to accentuate their beauty and grace.

“Broad necklines were deliberately chosen to highlight their exquisite body forms, enhancing their allure and presence on screen. Additionally, these necklines provided ample space to showcase stunning jewellery pieces, adding an extra layer of opulence to their attire,” he said.

Rimple spoke about the importance of fuller sleeves.

“Furthermore, we opted for fuller sleeves to imbue the women with an air of elegance and poise befitting their status as powerful courtesans. The flowing sleeves not only added a sense of sophistication but also contributed to their commanding presence in every scene,” she added.

Then there was a number of choli-cut anarkalis which added a touch of femininity.

“To enhance the natural curves of the body, we incorporated a significant number of choli-cut anarkalis. These designs hug the body in all the right places, accentuating their curves and exuding sensuality and femininity,” said Harpreet.

Known for spotlighting the traditional marori work in their creations, the designer duo shared that each garment was meticulously crafted to celebrate the beauty and strength of these remarkable women.

Anarkalis got the spotlight it deserved in ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’. Does it make a comeback into the wardrobe after the show?

“In our perspective, Anarkalis have always stood the test of time,” said Rimple.

“As guardians of Indian vintage silhouettes and fashion, we’ve consistently showcased Anarkalis as a prominent section of our merchandise. Their timeless appeal lies in their flattering form, which complements any body type with its graceful and flowing design,” added Harpreet.

Rimple said that they “believe in celebrating the enduring elegance of Anarkalis, ensuring that they remain a staple in our store’s collection, embodying the essence of traditional Indian fashion with a touch of modern flair.”

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