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IITGN Students Pioneer Autonomous Technology with Fully Self-Driving Vehicle

IIT Gandhinagar Students Unveil Cutting-Edge Driverless Vehicle with Autonomous Features

IITGN Students Pioneer Autonomous Technology with Fully Self-Driving Vehicle

IIT Gandhinagar Students Develop Fully Autonomous Vehicle for Campus Use


Ahmedabad, May 9: In a remarkable feat of engineering, ten students from the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) have designed and built a fully autonomous vehicle capable of operating without a driver. The project was undertaken as part of a unique course on Autonomous Vehicles, spanning from January 2024 to May 2024.

The vehicle, converted from an electric golf cart, is equipped with advanced sensors including regular and depth cameras, as well as lidar. It features cutting-edge technologies such as lane detection, obstacle detection, and autonomous steering, achieved through hardware modifications and the implementation of computer vision and automatic control algorithms.

After rigorous testing on the IITGN campus roads, with safety as a top priority, the vehicle successfully navigated various challenges. The students incorporated multiple backup systems, manual overrides, and emergency stops, ensuring the safety of campus residents and the vehicle itself.


Prof. Harish P M, the course instructor, praised the students for their exceptional work, noting the complexity of implementing advanced technologies within a short timeframe. He expressed optimism about the future of autonomous vehicles, predicting their integration into controlled environments like airports, campuses, and malls before widespread adoption on roads.

A team of ten students from IIT Gandhinagar has made headlines with their latest project: a fully autonomous vehicle designed to navigate without human intervention.

“We faced numerous challenges, but overcoming them has been incredibly rewarding. This project has taught us valuable lessons in teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation,” shared Rahul Pai, another member of the student team.

The vehicle, which underwent rigorous testing on the IITGN campus, has successfully demonstrated its ability to navigate autonomously, marking a significant achievement for the students and the institute.

The ten fourth-year BTech students, with support from guest lecturers, IITGN staff, and teaching assistants, completed the project with a total budget of approximately Rs 65,000. Reflecting on their experience, the students expressed satisfaction with their achievement and hope that future students will continue to develop the project, potentially offering autonomous vehicle services to the campus community in the near future.


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